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Buckeye Tailbacks - 2004 (official thread)


Both of these guy's, ecspecialy Ross, could have gave in to the hype(wich is true) about MO C being twice the back they are. Ross could have taken his credentials (nice freshman season) and went elsewhere. The best thing about them staying is that we would be up the river right now, had they or one of them left. They didn't stay because they new MO would run into trouble, or because they didn't mind not starting. They left because they believed they would eventually win the job. Confidence and patience paid off for them and us.

And because they play the same position as MO, I have to vote these guy's as the classiest during this rough time. I'm sure they wan't to play and start but they remain nuetral and Ross even said " he hopes it works out for MO". I don't know how true that is but it's a classy statement. They earned there stripes and I'm glad to have these young men. Hopefully they can combine for at least 4.5 yards per carry and stay healthy. Then there presence would be even sweeter. Again, hats off !
Nice post ant. We'll be just fine with Hall & Ross. Both are class guys and have put in the effort to get better. I think both will flourish this year and into their senior seasons. Many "fans" don't think they can be great backs at OSU, but they also don't remember that most RBs don't come into their own until Jr & Sr years at OSU. I'm pulling in a big way for Hall, Ross and the Oline.
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With Ross and Hall it's all about the TEAM. These guys have done whatever it takes to help the team win . The team needs these guys to step up in a major way this year and they will do just that. The Oline is primed for a huge year and our RB, no matter who it is, will benefit.
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Hold on a second.

Okay, I'm back. I had to go catch my breath because for the first time in a long time I read a well-thought out and well written post about the OSU running game.

Maurice Hall and Lydell Ross have done nothing since they have arrived here except totally bust their butts to get on the playing field. When MC was filling into the starting role last year, they simply worked harder!!!

Don't get me wrong, MC would be welcomed back in a heartbeat. When he's cleared (if he's ever cleared) he is our TB. But, no one can minimize the impact that these two young men have had on the psyche of this team. Both could have left and started at great programs. Instead, they've chosen to play "let the best man win" and we all are damn glad they took this route.

Bring it on Boys!!!
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We would be in a real pickle had one chose to leave... thank goodness they both stayed... they still could improve (as they have been), however they are more than capable of establishing a run threat...

I too hope each one gets over 100 yards... I'd also like to see what Parker can do (fumbled on his first carry and sat the pine the rest of the game... as we all know Coach Spencer doesn't put up with fumbles..)
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gbearbuck: Yeah, but Spencer let Mo drop the rock three times at NW. If we get a big lead against SDSU, I think we should rotate Guilford and Parker in the fourth quarter, even if one or both fumble.
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Yeah, but Spencer let Mo drop the rock three times at NW.

How many times did he let Hall drop the ball at Cincinnati?(I know he took a shot early in the game but could have played yet they almost ran Lydell into the ground). I'm not sure the same rule applies for everyone, like it or not. On Coach Tressel's call in show today he said he told Santonio Holmes he had his fumble for the year and if he did it again there might be a problem. I would assume the same goes for Parker. Tressel and Spencer aren't going to allow a walk on to put the ball on the ground and play significantly, IMO.
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I agree Mili. I thought Parker looked impressive in the spring game and deserves a few carries, especially this Saturday. I'm sure he has heard an earful all week about turnover...
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Realisitic Rushing attack for next year

We know that OSU's offense is predicated on running the ball, controlling the clock and not turning it over. We also know that our running game has not been getting it done. Since this is one of the only forums to have an educated conversation I want to ask a few questions:

A) Seeing as our line in 1)green 2)thiner and more athletic, what type of running plays will be able to utilize. Traps, quick hitters, sweeps etc.? A1) Can this greener, thiner morew athletic line get it done in pass and run blocking in everyones' opinion?

B) Which back(s) will emerge and is Lydel even capable (looking at his past) of having a Jon Wells' type senior year?
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1) I think you mentioned a lot of them, traps, sweep, quick hitter, should be big with this O-line, but also it will open up middle screens, draws, and even screens to the outside. There will likely be more pulling plays, and also more cut blocks.

2) I personally think that the Green will hurt us this year with a lot more mental mistakes. Also I think it may take a while for them to get used to playing in game conditions at the shoe. That said, I still expect improvement in the performance of the offensive line. We should be much much better when scUM comes to town than when we play uCincy based on experience, and the learning curve. It is the kind of year that if we have a slip, it will likely come at the begining, not at the end. Running the ball, I think will depend on the vision of our backs to see where the hole is. There will probably not be many ten foot wide holes this year, just cracks here and there that the RB is going to have to explode through. If he hits it right, he will have big numbers whoever it is. The passing game I think may rely more on rollout because of the athletic nature of the line. If Troy Smith does happen to win the starting job (which I don't believe will happen), rollouts would be a guarantee. By moving the pocket you can get seperation, give the QB better vision down field, and mess up a lot of blitz packages.

B) IMHO Haw will be the RB by the end of the season, he probably will be established by the first couple games of the Big Ten season, as long as he learns how to pass block. If not, it will be Ross/Joe this season (even if I don't like it). Ross is very CAPABLE of having a J. Wells type of senior year, but I think it is less likely because of what I percieve to be a poor attitude, low pain threshold, and lack of desire. He has all of the talent he needs to be a great OSU tailback. Power, good size, speed, quickness, it just thus far has not translated from the statsheet onto the football field. It is just a huge disapointment to fans, and I am sure to himself. The funny thing is L. Ross lit a fire under J. Wells' ass with the way he played against Indiana. Maybe Haw, or another back will do the same for him.
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I do not see Ross getting it done, nothing indicates he is going to break out, he is scared of big games and has done next to nothing against average and above average teams and now he has to deal with a coaching change. I think Joe will be our best bet, with Ross getting some carries too. I have a feeling we are in for another season with little to no offense.I think as the line improves, zwick gets more experience and the young backs get used to the game speed our offense will improve.
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