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Buckeye Kickers - 2005


Out of the guys that will be competing for the kicker positions, any idea what to expect? What have we seen from this years backups in practice? Are we going to have field goal and extra point problems like most schools now? With a good team coming back next year this could cost us a Big Ten title or even a NC.
Trapasso will be in his second freshman year, Skeete will be on campus, Huston will be back for a 6th year, and we've got the Aussie rugby player too (not listed on the BP roster). We will certainly find a suitable kicker out of that group. Tressel lives on kicks, so I'm sure he's got it covered.

Is Brian Pierce still with the team??
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I have a hard time forgetting how awful our kicking was when Nuge and Huston were freshman. It was horrible. Hopefully Huston improved from his freshman year like Nuge did. I hope Nuge taught all his tricks to the other kickers, but until you're in front of 100k fans with the game on the line, we're not going to know who has the sack to make the pressure kicks.

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bucknut11 said:
Trapasso will be in his second freshman year, Skeete will be on campus, Huston will be back for a 6th year, and we've got the Aussie rugby player too (not listed on the BP roster). We will certainly find a suitable kicker out of that group. Tressel lives on kicks, so I'm sure he's got it covered.

Is Brian Pierce still with the team??
is he aussie or south african??
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Well, it took me forever to find the answer(s), but the Aussie kicker was David Lonie. He ended up transferring to Cal over us. The guy on OSU is Ryan Pretorius and he is from Wandsbeck, South Africa. From all accounts, he's got a big-time leg. He's also like 24 years old, which should mean he's a great leader among all the younger guys.
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Is Brian Pierce still with the team??
He transferred out somewhere... OU I'm thinking?

I'm sure Tress will get the best out of whoever's still here. Another BIG loss though is our long snapper, Kyle Andrews. I can't remember the last time there was a bad snap on a kicking play (of course, as a student and being wasted at all the home games and for most of the away ones for the last 5 yearscould be distorting my memory).
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Kicker stuck in limbo but still committed to Buckeyes
Wednesday, February 09, 2005
Ken Gordon

The people of Raceland, Ky., are starting to wonder about Aaron Pettrey.

It’s a small town, so everyone knew the kicker was supposed to be a grayshirt at Ohio State, meaning he was to enroll at Ohio State last month after he finished high school in June.

But as the calendar turned to February and people still saw Pettrey around town, the questions began.

What are you still doing here, son?

"I get asked about it all the time," Pettrey said with a sigh yesterday from his parents’ home. "It’s been real hard."

Despite the change in plans, which might result in Pettrey temporarily paying his own way, he remains committed to Ohio State.

"That’s been where I’ve wanted to go for a while," he said, "so I’m going to do whatever it takes."

Pettrey was recruited last year and agreed to grayshirt rather than sign a letter of intent last February. He would have competed for a job starting this spring.

But since then, Buckeyes kicker Josh Huston has applied for and is likely to receive a sixth year of eligibility from the NCAA to make up for time lost to injuries.

Now, Ohio State will have Huston and second-year kicker Jonathan Skeete on scholarship this fall.

Not wanting to use a third scholarship on a kicker, the Buckeyes recently told Pettrey he would have to walk on this fall if Huston’s extra year was approved. He then potentially could go on scholarship in January 2006.

Pettrey said some people around Raceland have suggested he’s getting the runaround from Ohio State.

"Me and my dad talked about me going somewhere else," he said, "but I didn’t want to do it. I want to get up there (to Columbus). I came up to some games and I really liked the place."

Pettrey, 6 feet 3, 195 pounds, was a three-sport athlete at Raceland High School. In 2003, he connected on 8 of 13 fieldgoal attempts, including a staterecord 58-yarder.

Buckeyes coaches can’t officially comment on Pettrey because he has not signed with the university.

"The only thing I’m allowed to say about Aaron is that we are very interested in him," coach Jim Tressel said.

Pettrey has busied himself by taking courses at Ohio University’s branch campus in Ironton, just a 10-minute drive across the Ohio River from Raceland. He needs to take courses in order to beef up his chance of being admitted at OSU, which apparently is not a done deal.

If he does get in, Pettrey hopes to come north over the summer and work with Ohio State’s long-snappers and holders before fall camp begins. In addition to Huston and Skeete, Pettrey also would be competing with walk-on Ryan Pretorious.

To save money during fall quarter, he said he will live with his uncle, Rick Pettrey, in Dublin.

Having endured two delay-ofgame penalties already, so to speak, Aaron Pettrey hopes he finally can escape the prying eyes in Raceland.

"I have one high-school buddy left in town," Pettrey said. "We hang out about every day. I’d better be up there in the fall."

Turano gone ?

While Huston’s petition for a sixth year is considered a done deal, Ohio State officials say they now are assuming punter Kyle Turano, who also was hopeful of getting a sixth year, will not return.

That would leave Pickerington native A.J. Trapasso as the lone scholarship punter. Tyson Gentry and at least one other fellow walk-on would compete with Trapasso for the job.

[email protected]
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Thanks for postig that article. Special Teams is going to go a long way in determining whether this year's team is simply very good or has a chance to be truly championship caliber.

Good article. I'm glad Aaron is sticking with us and hope he is rewarded with much success in the near future for his patience. Definitely makes me root for the kid even more.
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is OSU kicker U?

We have produced alot of great kikcers in the last 20+ years. Since 2000 we have had the best kickers in CFB.

How do you think Josh Huston will do next season? IMO he will be 1st team B10 and maybe AA. I have read where Nugent says that Huston would have been all-conference and maybe AA last year if he was on a different team. I think we are in better shape than people think. There may be a dropoff but IMO not as severe as most of us think.
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