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Michigan State lost to Rutgers, yes that Rutgers today. It doesn't get much lower than that. :!

On a much happier note, LSU is getting their rears handed to them by Or. State. Makes you wonder who their overrated chants really should've been directed at. :wink2:
Rutgers a program on the rise

daddyphatsacs said:
Actually Rutgers has gotten better as a program, but they still are Rutgers.
Each year, Rutgers is keeping more in-state talent. This program's stock is rising. Even a couple of years ago, they took Cryami to the wire. Soon, Rutgers will be giving lots of "good" teams fits, the way that Missou has done in recent years.

That said, MSU should be at the top of the "second tier" of the Big 10. Their admissions are as loose as they come - think of them as the NCSt of the Big 10, plus the univeristy is committed to football excellence. Instead, they are projected around 5-8 out of 11 teams.

Yes, a black eye for the Big 10.
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The Big Ten has covered the spread in 8 out of 9 games thus far. Only Michigan State did not (Illinois game was not lined due to playing a DII school). If Purdue wins and covers today, that will make the Big 10 9-1 against the spread the first week, better than any other conference, and 9-2 straight up. The only 2 teams to lose were projected in the bottom 1/3 of the conference. Top to bottom, the Big 10 is still representing themselves well. It will be interesting to see how they fare the next 2 weeks when all the conferences start playing some better competition.
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Come on. That game was painful to watch, both teams sucked and the Big Ten school sucked worse. Any Big Ten loss the the Big East this year should be looked at as an embarassment unless you are Indiana or Illinois. Heck any MAC, WAC, or Mountain West loss to the Big East should be deemed and embarassment unless against WVA.

Michigan State is a bad team. Indiana and Illinois have a shot at them.
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Speaking of confrence embarrassments, I don't here a lot of talk about K-State struggeling with the 1-AA Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky. 27-13 was the final iirc.

I know its better than losing but at least Rutgers is a BCS confrence school (technically).
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Rutgers was 5-6 last year in a Big East that included VT and Miami. They returned the bulk of their team and were playing at home. MSU was only a single digit favorite for a reason. While there is no pride in losing to Rutgers, even if you are Indiana, the whole conference has no reason to be embarrased by a 5 point loss. Baylor lost by 4+ touchdowns to UAB. Kansas State struggled until the end. North Carolina had to come from behind to beat William and Mary, giving up 38 points. Georgia gave up 4 touchdowns to a DII school. Etc. Etc. No conference went through the weekend without something I would consider embarrasing.
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You want to talk about embarrasment? How about losing at home to a I-AA school from 5,000 miles away? That's what Hawaii did last night, 35-28 to Florida Atlantic.

Crayfish said:
(Illinois game was not lined due to playing a DII school).

Florida A&M is a I-AA school, not II.
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wolfamngstsheep said:

Miami 42

Rutgers 17

Not exactly

Uh, exactly, botch. Rutgers led Miami 17-14 going into the 4th quarter. Granted Miami scored 28 unanswered points to win by an outwardly impressive score of 42-17, but they were played dead-even for three quarters by Rutgers.
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Michigan State was the ONLY embarrassment for the conference this week. Penn State, Purdue, Minnesota, heck, even Inidana, all had big wins. Are we still the fourth best conference now?
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The media has been saying the big ten is "having a down year" for as long as i can remember... its ridiculous really.. and ive listened to fans from other areas who truely believe it every year. If I had to guess I would speculate this stems from the big ten having the most educated and informed fans (maybe the pac ten too havent spent a lot of time in that region) but anyways, my point being that if you tell anyone on this board that the acc or the sec is weak and having a down year, they will listen of course, but they also pay enough attention to the rest of the college football world that they know better and not believe sensless drivel.. there was a thread recently showing big ten dominance in the bcs bowls, even our second teir teams (purdue, iowa, wisconsin, minnesota, and penn state) all looked pretty impressive but will that stop the "big ten is weak" rhetoric, nope.. not at all.
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