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Best Hangover Medicine


Man, I have to tell you that age is not making the hangovers any easier. Last night I went up to Cleveland and partied like a rock star (even ran into Jeff Garcia) and my body is now giving me the big f-you.

What is the best hangover reliever out there? I have tried the Russian RU-47 and have tried other herbal remedies but what really does the trick for you out there?
"LaBamba's burrito before going to bed. Never puked after having one of those."

thank god tibor.....could you imagine cleaning the throne the next day...after puking up one of those babies at 3 am?
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the thing that would piss me off was that they could barely understand English. Everytime I would say "No tomato" and half the time there they were. It would be a pain in the ass to be drunk as hell trying to pick those things out.

Where have you been Diehard? There was an anti-Tibor thread that had your name all over it.
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Bloody Mary with extra tobasco or a warm beer first thing in the morning...

or if you aren't at level 4 alcoholism, drink two big glasses of water before bed and take 2-3 tylenol
Grad - Were you at OSU between '82 - '91? If so, I swear we must have partied together!
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Buckeyehead said:
Hangovers are all about dehydration.

Drink as much water as possible BEFORE you crash. Otherwise, hydrate as quickly as possible in the morning.

Buckeyehead nailed it, all you have to do is rehydrate yourself befor eyou go to bed, some tylenol always helped me too.
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