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Anybody else have a craving for Taco Bell tonight?

Funny you should mention Taco Bell. I told my fiance that we should watch the National Championship game and go to Taco Bell afterwards to sober up, just like we did back in 2002. :biggrin:

Edit: Ok, now I get it. I just read all the "racist" threads. LOL
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Rats run wild in KFC-Taco Bell in N.Y.

NEW YORK - A dozen rats were caught on video scurrying around the floor of a New York City KFC/Taco Bell restaurant early Friday, running between counters and tables and climbing on children's high chairs.
News crews flocked to the windows of the Greenwich Village neighborhood restaurant, which hadn't opened for the day. By midmorning, the footage was all over the Internet and television news shows, with onlookers giving a play-by-play from the sidewalk as the rodents moved about.
"He's coming for his close-up," one bystander said as a rat came near the window.

Entire article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070223/ap_on_re_us/restaurant_rats_24
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