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I was watching the NFL network this morning and the reported that there are 6 or maybe 7 high schoolers, and 1 JC player that declared for the draft. What have you done Maurice. There is no doubt that Williams was ready to go Mo was boarderline but HS kids come on. There is one kid who is coming out of GA that is a DT who played 1A ball last year. It was great to hear Ken Norton Jr. flat out say that these "snot nosed" kids are not going to be able to handle the NFL. The interesting part is that according to Eisen they tried to search the web for these kids and the only one they got ANYTHING on was the JC kid. I think that this will be the last draft that we see high schoolers declare when these kids go nowhere. Hopefully their advisors are willing to support them from now on.
Just heard Kiper on the radio, and he said he asked Lemming (ESPNs recruiting guru) about these kids. Lemming had never heard of them. This is just a chance for a few people to have 15 seconds (not minutes) of fame. Just a way to get their names on radio or TV or do an interview because of the novelty ... nothing more.
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If high school kids declare themsleves eligible for the NFL draft, does that void them from being recruited by college teams. I.e., do they make themselves ineligible for scholarship, just as if they were in college?

After a year or so, high school kids will see that the NFL will not draft any of them, and so they'll just go on to college just as they all did before the Clarett ruling.
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Another interesting antidote from the NFL Total Access show was Brenson Buckner, from the Panthers, was talking about the kid from GA played 1A ball last year. When Norton Jr. heard that he laughed and laughed, heck Buckner couldn't even finish what the classifications were before Norton knew what he was talking about. It was pretty good. I guess the reason that we are talking about them is their reasoning for heading to the NFL because only one was moving on past the level that they were at last year and that is the JUCO kid and he was going to D-II.
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