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'21 MN C Chet Holmgren (Gonzaga Verbal)


Head Coach

evans' answer:
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Akron Rick

Meechie Johnson on Holmgren.."You get him, we've got everything we need to be a national championship team. We've already got what we need, but you can't go wrong with the No.1 player in the country, with a top-20 player. We're looking to keep building and whoever can help us win a national championship, that's who we want."

This was in 7/30/20 Akron Beacon Journal. No inside info but it does speak to how invested Meechie is in bringing a title to Columbus and how he feels about Holmgren.
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Kevin Warren is an ass
Latest buzz: The No. 1 player in 247Sports top 150 and No. 2 in the Composite, Chet had the recruiting world buzzing again last weekend with his play in the Border League. A unique seven-footer who swishes threes and blocks shots, Holmgren’s recruitment has always been a pretty interesting one without many leaks. Holmgren has said in the past that he leans towards going to college, but professional opportunities can’t be ruled out. Should college be the route, Gonzaga and Ohio State currently look to be in the best position.
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Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

“If Chet does decide to play college basketball, what we are hearing is Gonzaga and Ohio State have gotten the best buzz,” our guy said. “I think his family appreciates Ohio State’s approach. They can show him how they used Kaleb Wesson as a pick-and-pop five man. That can help their cause. One of his high school teammates, Jalen Suggs, signed with Gonzaga and that could help the Zags.

“He is not looking to sign in the fall and that works for Ohio State, which would need to open a scholarship spot by the spring to take him.”

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'18 Bowl Mania Champ
“He is not looking to sign in the fall and that works for Ohio State, which would need to open a scholarship spot by the spring to take him.”

I call BS. They can and would over-sign by one if he or some other C they are after wanted to sign early. They did it last year after all

Regardless, we opened up a scholarship with the Sotos appeal being won. We have the spot available to sign him right now without any headache to figure out later.
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Hall of Fame
Chet wouldn't really play center at Gonzaga. He'd be like a KD for them.

He is super mobile and has wonderful perimeter skills, whereas he is unlikely to put on enough good weight to bang much in the post next season.

Honestly not sure why he doesn't just skip college, much as I hate to say it. Maybe it is for the S&C program for a year before going pro.
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Yeah, he will step right in for Kispert. His perimeter offensive game can certainly handle the 3 or 4, question of whether he is quick enough to guard on the perimeter, but that length allows him to play off guys.
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