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2022-2023 College Basketball General Discussion

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Lazy Slob
Washington beat Colorado last night. Look at their schedules. Colorado has beat two ranked teams, Tennessee and Texas A&M but has lost to Grambling, UMass and Boise State

ScreenHunter 3906.png

Washington is 7-2 but with loses to California Baptist and Oregon State

ScreenHunter 3907.png

This is just one example. You can go up and down every conference and see this. The quality of college basketball is in the toilet due to one and done and now the transfer portal. I think too that allowing kids to get paid has lowered motivation. It's just a mess.
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Head Coach
Staff member
BP Recruiting Team
Rutgers beating up IU. That’s a shame.

The Big Ten is going to be a bloodbath again this year.

It most certainly is going to be a bloodbath. Honestly this is a great year to be down and give the young guys plenty of experience. Then next year we will get our new recruiting class in to pair up with Sensabaugh, Thornton, Okpara and Gayle. In the meantime, hopefully we can get to the Tourney and win a game or two.
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Kyle Young/Cade Stover man crush. Stomp!
  • Just watched Caitlyn Clark eat Iowa State alive. That woman is impressive. Just pulls up on the mini break from about 25 ft, nothing but net. She gets a ton of assists as well. I see what the hype is about now
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