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'09 OK SG Xavier Henry (Kansas Verbal)


I hear so many people raving about Xavier Henry, but Shawn Williams is as smooth as they come at 6-7. His range is incredible for his size and he is still growing. He averaged 19 and 7 for a 39-0, top-5 nationally ranked team and is getting offers from everybody. Why are you not as high on him as some other people are?
-- Ian from Oakland

Shawn Williams is a big-time shooter with size, as you mentioned. Every team wants a player who fits that bill, and we have respect for that kind of talent as well. Williams is ranked as the No. 28 prospect in the class of 2009 by Rivals.com. But here is the deal with Xavier Henry. He might not be quite as good a spot-up shooter as Williams, but he is not far from it. He also has the size of Williams. What separates the two is that Henry is very athletic and can create shots off the dribble. Obviously with a long way to go, Henry has the potential to be a Kobe Bryant-type of player. At times he is unguardable. He can get his shot at will, and he can handle and pass at a very high level.
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Capo Regime
Staff member

KU hoops target Henry continues to shine
By Gary Bedore
May 28, 2007

Xavier Henry continues to make a bid to become the No. 1 player in the recruiting class of 2009.
Henry, a 6-foot-6 junior-to-be from Putnam City (Okla.) High, was the most impressive player Saturday at the Nike Memorial Day Classic in Nashville, Tenn., according to Rivals.com expert Jerry Meyer.
?Henry did what he does best, which is score at all three levels,? Meyer reported. ?Proficient in the mid-range, Henry also has the explosiveness to attack the rim. After struggling early with his deep jumper, Henry found the range right before the half (against a Florida team) and dropped some jaws with his patented ?hop-back? three.?
Henry, the No. 2 player in his class behind Renardo Sidney (6-9 Rancho Dominguez High, Artesia, Calif.), has a college list of Kansas University, Memphis, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio State and Louisville.

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