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'07 PA PF Herb Pope (NMSU Verbal-Seton Hall Transfer)

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Re: According to the paper, Pope was shot twice in the abdomen and once in the thigh. It was a shot to the arm that that brings about the most questions in terms of his basketball future.

I have no idea the extent of the damage; however, hopefully he will make a full recovery.
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I really just feel for this kid. He comes from a tough situation and, as shown on a recent program about him on TV, he was just trying to get away far away from trouble and start fresh. HP is being abondoned yet again from someone he was supposed to look to for support. I'm not criticizing Theus for leaving, its a great opportunity. You just want this kid to get a good break at some point (which, I'm guessing, will happend when he signs his first contract). Best of luck to him if he decides to leave NMSU.
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Pope will be staying at NMSU.....


Pope staying at NMSU
By: The Associated Press

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - Highly touted New Mexico State men's basketball recruit Herb Pope said he's sticking with the Aggies.
The 6-foot-9 Aliquippa forward was recruited by Reggie Theus, who was hired last month to coach the Sacramento Kings. When the Aggies hired Louisville assistant coach Marvin Menzies last week, it was unclear whether Pope would remain at NMSU or transfer.
On Saturday, the Pittsburgh-area standout put an end to the speculation.
"I'm still committed to New Mexico State and I look forward to moving," said Pope, who is enrolled in the second summer session at NMSU. "I am going to be here next season."
Pope said Menzies played a big part in his decision to remain at NMSU.

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A change of scenery could change everything for Pope

At the 2005 ABCD Camp, the two biggest junior stars were O.J. Mayo and Kevin Love, who were as close to sure things as are found on the recruiting trail.
Beyond that duo, the most intriguing player present from the Class of '07 may have been Herb Pope, a slippery, 6-foot-8 forward from Aliquippa, Pa., who had committed to Pittsburgh as a sophomore. But as one evaluator remarked at the time, Pope "was probably getting too good" for the Panthers. Not that Pitt wasn't a strong program then; it just seemed that Pope was blowing up on a national scale, and there were whispers that he was being pushed toward grander destinations.
Nearly two years later, at the Roundball Classic in Chicago, Mayo and Love showed they were still ahead of their peers. Playing opposite each other in their final prep All-Star game, the USC-bound Mayo scored 27 points for the East team while UCLA-bound Love scored 21 for the victorious West. Though the game program listed Pope's name on the West roster, and a plane ticket had been issued for him to fly in from Pittsburgh, there was no Herb Pope in the United Center.

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Seton Hall's Herb Pope released after extended hospital stay - USATODAY.com

NEWARK (AP) - Seton Hall forward Herb Pope is back home resting after a nearly month-long stay in a hospital following his collapse during a training session in late April.

Pirates athletic director Joe Quinlan confirmed Tuesday that Pope was released from Saint Barnabas Medial Center in Livingston, N.J., about 10 days earlier and returned to his home in Pennsylvania.

"He has taken some time off to rest at home," Quinlan said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "He hopes to resume training some time soon."

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