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'07 PA PF Herb Pope (NMSU Verbal-Seton Hall Transfer)

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Alexandria, VA: Any ideas on where Herb Pope is heading?

Rob Harrington: None at all. Kansas State was said to be strong for a while, but beginning in 2004 when Pope (6-8 PA PF) was a rising soph at Nike Camp, I haven't been able to get a good read on him. Most importantly, he needs to have a good season and establish a foundation to make himself a viable target for everyone in the spring. And make no mistake: After all the comings and goings on college rosters after the season, he could be THE senior target for big-timers in March/April.
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Time to close this puppy down, no? Maybe he really is just confused by the whole process but you get the feeling he is really indecisive or is dragging several programs around.
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