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'06 MN DT Walker Ashley (Minny...no, maybe USC......no, PSU...no, Minnesota commit)


from tOSU according to Rivals- tOSU was the first to offer



Eden Prairie (MN)
Defensive tackle

Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 285 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.9 seconds
All State as a Junior

Schools in the Running: Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio State, Penn State, Iowa, Oregon, Virginia Tech

Named to Star Tribune and Kare-11 All-Metro team. two year starter for hte Ealges, leading them to state titles in 2002. Had eight sacks. Son of former Minnesota Viking Walker Lee Ashley.

He expects to make an unofficial this summer to tOSU and he is going to PSU Junior Day on May 16th and Nike Training Camp at Penn State on the 15th. He may also visit scUM and USC this summer.
Per latest Rivals update....

We are in Ashley's top 5.

"I would say that for now my top schools list (in no order) would be LSU, USC, Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan."

Oregon, Michigan, USC & LSU seem to be picking up their recruitment of Ashley with Oregon being singled out in the update.

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Per latest Rivals Update....

Penn State (childhood favorite) and Minnesota (in-state school) have offered.

Ashley had dropped Michigan from his Top 5 and now lists LSU, USC, Ohio State, Penn State and Minnesota in no particular order.
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Per latest Rivals Update....

Nothing really new to update but he does mention where he'll be camping...

Top 5 in order mentioned: Minnesota, Ohio State, Penn State, USC, & LSU. He mentions that he does not have a favorite though.

He will be attending the PSU Nike Camp on May 15th. He has already visited Minnesota for a junior day.

He will be camping at Ohio State, USC, & Minnesota this summer.

He is very impressed that we were the first to offer him which propelled us into his Top 5.
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http://www.ohiostate.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=297064 - Premium Link

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a few interesting tidbits...

*he commented that he has discussed with his dad (former PSU player) that PSU might not be the same fit for Walker as it was for his dad

* the fact tOSU was first to offer means something to Walker-maybe this helps us overcome the hometown team (Minny) and his dad's team (PSU)

hopefully his visit to tOSU goes well
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