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'05 FL LB Marvin Sapp (South Carolina signee)




Sapp, who was named Times Union Defensive Player of the Year as a junior, led Jacksonville (Fla.) Bolles to the state championship. He has transferred to Jacksonville Sandalwood for his senior season.


Jacksonville (FL)
Sandalwood- same school as Maurice Wells
Inside linebacker

Height: 6-foot-1
Weight: 215 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5 seconds
He has a 3.5 grade point average and a score of1040 on the PSAT Test.

Bio Notes: As a junior, Sapp was named first team all-state and was the Defensive Player of the Year in the region.

Schools in the Running: Georgia, Maryland, Duke, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Ohio State, UCF

Free Rivals article

Junior to watch: Marvin Sapp

School: Jacksonville (Fla.) Sandalwood HS

Position: Linebacker

Size and Speed: Sapp is 6-0, weighs 210 pounds and runs the 40-yard dash in 4.55 seconds. He bench presses 370 pounds, squats 510 pounds and power cleans 295 pounds. He boasts a vertical jump of 30 inches.

Statistics: As a junior had 120 tackles.

The Skinny: Jacksonville (Fla.) Sandalwood High School is home to one of the best running back prospects for the Class of 2005 in 6A Player-of-the-Year Maurice Wells. And now, Sandalwood received a huge boost on defense in the off-season when linebacker Marvin Sapp transferred in from 3A state runner-up Jacksonville Bolles and Sandalwood head coach Adam Geis is extremely excited about Sapp’s arrival.

“Marvin is a real quiet kid, but he plays like a maniac killer,” Geis said. “The kid is phenomenal. He just tries to kill people.”

Sapp led the Jacksonville area with 120 tackles last season as a junior at Bolles. He earned first- team All-City honors and was named Northeast Florida Defensive Player-of-the-Year.

Geis said that Sapp transferred from Bolles because of bad blood between Sapp and the coaching staff.

Geis added a Division-I prospect to his team, but his stock is not as high as it should be at this point in time. Geis said that the coaching staff at Bolles did little to help Sapp’s recruiting and that was one of many reasons why he left.

Despite no help from Bolles, Sapp has already picked up offers from Georgia Tech, Duke, Vanderbilt and Central Florida. Geis believes once recruiters flock to Sandalwood in the spring, they will see Sapp’s abilities and his recruiting will gain momentum.

However, in the meantime Geis is going to continue to try and inform the country about Sapp. One way he is going about achieving his goal, is comparing him to Class of 2004 linebacker prospect and USC signee Keith Rivers.

“He is twice as big as Keith Rivers,” Geis said. “I saw Keith Rivers get off the bus last year and he is about three inches taller than Marvin, but Marvin’s build is not even close.

“He is built like a NFL linebacker right now. He is enormous. His arms are just enormous.”

Sapp didn’t draw those comparisons sitting on his laurels. In the weight room, Sapp is currently bench pressing 370 pounds, squats 510 pounds and power cleans 295 pounds.

Spring practice is going to be the breaking point on whether Sapp’s stock takes off or not. However, Geis does not have any doubts Sapp will be one of Florida’s best linebackers in 2005.

“The great thing about Marvin is that it is only going to take him one game and one practice for him to show himself,” Geis said. “Then he is going to have them (offers) all over the board. I can’t wait to see him practice in the spring.

“He really stepped our team up from what I thought was an overall B to an A-minus.”
Free Insiders article

Florida LB Marvin Sapp JR doesn't have much contact with cousin Warren Sapp of the Raiders, but it looks like he's also got a knack for defense and some excellent programs have offered.

"Georgia Tech is recruiting me the hardest," Said Sapp JR. "They are constantly sending me stuff about their academic programs..."

Florida LB Marvin Sapp JR (6-0, 215, 4.6) from Jacksonville Sandlewood now favors Georgia Tech (only one of faves to offer) solidly over Georgia, Maryland, Ohio State and Penn State. His other offers are from North Carolina, Duke, Louisville and South Florida.

"Georgia Tech offered me about three weeks ago," said Sapp, a cousin of the Raiders' Warren Sapp. "We don't have much contact," Marvin explains. "I talk more with another cousin, Patrick Sapp, who played for Clemson and was in the NFL for awhile with San Diego, Indianapolis and Arizona. My dad, Marvin Sr, didn't go to college. He's not pushing me to go anywhere but I think he likes schools that are focused on defense, like Georgia.

"Georgia Tech is recruiting me the hardest. They are constantly sending me stuff about their academic programs, their weight room training and other things. I like the diversity and balance between athletics and academics at Georgia Tech.

"I like Georgia because of their defense. Maryland also sends me letters all the time. I think they are supposed to come out and see me this month between the 18th and the 20th.

"The Florida schools aren't recruiting me much. Florida State hasn't ever written me. My sister, Marvia, is at FSU, and she isn't really trying to get me to go there.

"It doesn't really matter to me if I go to school in, or outside, of Florida. If I like a school out-of-state more, I'll go there.

"I'd like to decide before the season if possible, but it's not that important. But that would be ideal. I don't want to be distracted from my SR year by recruiting if I can help it.

"Most schools seem like they like me for weakside LB even though I'm playing middle LB now. That's probably because of my size. I'm more of a blitz guy and someone who can cover. I get off blocks fast and I'm pretty strong (BPs 370). I don't let blockers get into my body.

No May calls from coaches. 3.0/May 1 SAT

Note: Sapp and Mo Wells are HS teammates. GA Tech is also one of the schools Wells is seriously looking at.
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GA article discussing Sapp's interest in G-tech


Linebacker Marvin Sapp Jr. of Jackonville's Sandalwood High School is foremost among those showing interest in the Yellow Jackets. Sapp, a cousin of NFL All-Pro Warren Sapp, said Tech is his early favorite.

Sapp led Bolles High School to a Florida state title last year and was named the Florida Times-Union Defensive Player of the Year. He transferred to Sandalwood following the championship run. Sandalwood is coached by Adam Geis, the son of Georgia Tech assistant coach Buddy Geis.

Sapp said he's received a scholarship offer from Tech but is also considering Georgia, Maryland, Ohio State, Penn State, North Carolina, Duke, Louisville and South Florida.

"Georgia Tech's the front-runner, which is all I can say right now. What I liked about the school is it has great balance between academics and athletics," said Sapp, a strong student who wants to major in biology or chemistry in college. "When I visited and I saw the facilities, it made me interested. It's hard to balance those two things, but they did it."

notice the connection between Sandalwood and G-tech- no offense to G-tech but I was wondering why they were so high on the list for Wells and Sapp
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June 07, 2004
Florida LB Has USC Offer
By Conan Gasque
LB Marvin Sapp (6-1 210) of Jacksonville, Florida, said Monday that USC is among his five offers. North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, and Louisville have also offered the speedy LB. Sapp also said that Georgia Tech and North Carolina are currently his leaders. He will camp with the Yellow Jackets this weekend, but has not decided on any other camps so far. Sapp runs a 4.56 in the forty and had 145 tackles and 3 interceptions as a junior last season.

The wildcard is how much influence Sapp and his coach have on MoW
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osugrad21 said:
Am I the only who gets a bad feeling with that quote?
Its actually not as bad as it seems. From what I have been hearing one of the main reasons he transfered to Sandalwood was because his old high school coach wasnt doing anything to get him recruited. He wasnt sending out tapes or anything on his behalf.

I also think GT is going to give up fits for Wells but only because his coach clearly has an agenda.
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Helpinghand said:
Sapp likes G-Tech a lot. I have been told that he has family up there still.

Don't look for him and Wells to try to do a "package" deal anywhere. Wells is too smart and Sapp is too independent.
Good to hear that Wells is smart. I think that'll work in favor of OSU when his coach pushes for G-tech and Petey saranades him on the private jet.
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Clarity said:
You know, I finally got around to checking where in Jax this HS is, and just discovered it's like 4 miles away from my house. Lol.

Well it sounds like someone from that house needs to make the long trip over to the HS to catch a game. Photos would be a plus, of course. :biggrin:

What's funny about that update on Sapp is that he said what he did about Coach Tressel and Hazell yet Columbus wasn't one of the three places he definitely wants to visit officially this fall. You'd think he and Maurice would want to come catch a game in the Shoe.
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