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'05 AZ RB Matt Clapp (Oklahoma signee)



Stats: 1602 yds as a junior, 18 TD's
Height: 6-3.5
Weight: 235
40 time: 4.6- 100 meters in 11.3
Bench: 275
Squat: 475
Clean: 305
Vertical: 33"
From: Phoenix, Arizona
High School: Paradise Valley
Grades: 2.7GPA
Awards: 2nd team all Arizona as a RB

Notes: tOSU is in his top 5- he visited tOSU practices at this years Fiesta Bowl and will attend tOSU summer camp
Here is some more info on Clapp.

2003 Desert Valley All-Region Team: First-Team on offense

2003 Phoenix Metro Football Magazine Super All-State Team: First-team offensive selection at RB

All-Conference First-Team selection at linebacker as a sophomore (2002)
1,000 yard rushing and 19 TD's as a sophomore

Ranked 16th in the state his junior year in rushing yards

PV Head Coach Donnie Yantis: "He is the hardest worker in our program. He is extremely dedicated to being the best. He is a durable player and is very coachable."

Has very good speed for his size

Honorable mention at RB in The Arizona Republic's All-Arizona team in 2003

From East Valley Tribune staff reports, 9/20/03:
"Paradise Valley's Matt Clapp came into Friday's game against Avondale Westview as the leading rusher in 5A among the East Valley schools. He'll likely be there another week. Clapp scored all four of the Trojan's touchdowns in a 31-7 win over the Knights (1-2) in a 5A non-region game at Avondale. Clapp rolled up 158 yards on 24 carries for the Trojans. The junior scored on runs of 32, 4, 37 and 3 yards."

On 9/24/03, PV's coach reported that Clapp had not fumbled in his past 14 games.

Ran the third leg of the boys' 4x400-meter relay team that took second in the state in 2003

Here are some video clips they have from Paradise Valley games. I can't find his number, though :(
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Second Team all-state as a junior at the running back position. First team all-conference as a sophomore at linebacker. 1,000 yards rushing and 19 touchdowns as a sophomore. 1,602 yards rushing and 18 touchdowns as a junior.
Coach's Comments: Paradise Valley Head Coach Donnie Yantis says of Clapp, "He is the hardest worker in our program. He is extremely dedicated to being the best. He is a durable player and is very coachable."

Scouting Report: Goes full speed at all times. Clapp is very good inside runner. When his shoulders are square and he's running down hill, Clapp shows very good power and can move a pile. He has good speed for a fullback and is also a solid blocker. He plays running back in a wing-T offense but projects as a fullback prospect.

With limited schollies this year do we take a FB?? What does everyone think?
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Hubbard said:
Possibly with Joe and Schnitt going to be upper classman. We did bring in one in Johnson this year though.

With Johnson already on board we can afford to be very selective. I don't think fullback is a pressing need but if Clapp or another FB really looks good it wouldn't hurt, especially if he's versatile enough to play another position.
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I hear Scott was an academic casualty. That was one of the reasons why he lacked more offers. I don't think he's enrolled.

I don't see us taking a FB unless he's either 1) the cream of the crop or 2) he's versatile and can play another position well.

This Clapp kid seems too tall to be a FB. Usually it's better to get low when you're lead blocking. He looks like a LB.
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Getting a kid from Phoenix to come to the OSU camp is a big deal especially when one looks at the schools that are recruiting him. He could definately play on either side of the ball and I think OSU knows this as well.

Hopefully, this kid is better that a Stan White and from his accolades and competition you have to believe that he is!
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Initially I didn't think we needed another FB with Dionte Johnson in the fold but I do think we need to add another. No one guy should have to take the pounding a fullback is gonna have to endure in the Big Ten. Clapp's video is awfully impressive. The Toal comparison is a great one. The only thing it didn't show was how good his hands are but he's definitely athletic and physical. He's mentioned he will probably camp at Ohio State. I hope he does.
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