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04 vs 03 Through First 2 Games


Someone over on BN was about calling for Snyder's head in a post the last couple days so I began to look defensively at our stats through the first 2 games to see what kind of a job he is doing. He is giving up a couple more points a game and more rushing and not causing turnovers but other than that I think he has done a real solid job since he is breaking in so many new starters.

With that I also decided to look at the offense. There is a drastic increase in offense but it is offset by the number of turnovers. We are averaging 160 more yards a game but only 3 more points a game. Anyways thought it was kind of intereting.

More detailed numbers on attachment...


  • Defense.doc
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I dont need to look at the numbers I think Snyder has done a fantastic job considering all of the new starters. Not to mention the fact that he is playing the defense more aggressive, and the best thing of all is that I got my wish and we didn't see any prevent against Cinci in the last quarter of football. Those fools on SuckNutts should give the guy a break it was only his second game, and its not like he is working with seasoned players either. SuckNutts (and the state of Michigan) should be sterilized as to prevent them from breeding ... people this stupid shouldn't exist. Just my opinion.
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The defense has given up 20 offensive points in two games, which is 10 per game...I'll take that anytime. And I think that this year's first two opponents are a bit better than last year's first two opponents.
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See this is the problem with bandwagon jackasses calling for Snyder's head...they assume football is a year in year out saga of who has the best talent. They refuse to observe seasons like 2002 when every bounce and every clutch play went the way of tOSU. They assume tOSU deserves those breaks every time. They assume there are All-Americans waiting in the wings to instantly step in and keep the ball rolling. They cannot show patience to allow a young D-line its proper time to mature but expect another Will Smith to leap onto the field. They don't realize that there are other great coaches in the college game who at times can come up with great gameplans to neutralize any type of visible tendancy. They cannot allow a guy like Snyder to find the right personnel and build upon mistakes to make the program better in the long run. They expect perfection when football is anything but a game of perfection. They do not understand that other coaches make adjustments also to negate a specific move...things are foreseen in hours upon hours of film work. They are clueless in terms of the game but want to call for heads to roll when things do not go perfectly. Get a freaking grip and have confidence that the best football minds available meet in Columbus, Ohio for working hours most men would not believe. Christ, be a fan and be loyal.

Whew...I feel better
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Not to mention the offense hasn't exactly been kind in field position for our defense. The turnover differential is still the biggest overall concern. The rushing increase scares me a little, but we have 3 new starting D-Linemen and 2 new starting LB's. All things considered, I'm pleasantly surprised with our D.
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Nice post grad21.

The Buckeye Nation was infiltrated something foolish by Bandwagon jumpers after the 2002 season and sadly most have stuck around to voice their idiotic opinions. This school that we love to love, and love to call the best program in the country went a mind-boggling 34 years between NC's, and all of a sudden we're EXPECTED to win it every year. That's a crock of BS. This is a good, young team that will only get better. In the interim, there ARE plenty of other good CFB programs out there who are hungry as hell to jump up and bite us in the ass, and it will happen time and time again over the next several years. Winning a Title in CFB may be the hardest thing to do in all of sports, thats what makes the 14-0 season all that more impressive. BUT, 2002 is over, and our defense has sent basically an entire team to the NFL since then. Let Snyder do his job.
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The defense did everything to win that game last week. The offense was what let Marshall back into it. Now I'm still impressed with Zwick and the offense, but the turnovers hurt bad. We lost three key battles in that 2nd half. TOP, field position, and turnovers. AND THE DEFENSE ONLY GAVE UP SEVEN POINTS! IN THE SECOND HALF!!!! And they even stopped them on that lone TD drive. The coaching staff decided to take the holding call when the defense had already stopped them on 3rd down. Sure there was a missed field goal, and a missed fake field goal. But those are all 3rd down stops in the redzone. All three times they had the ball in the redzone on 3rd down, the defense came through in the second half. WOW!!! Our Redzone defense looks pretty good. They have only given up 2 touchdowns in 2 games. One of which is on the coaching staff. If we keep holding teams to field goal attempts in the redzone...we are going to win A LOT of games. When a defense gives up 14 points on a day when they were the team was -11 minutes in TOP, -4 on turnovers, and consistantly giving Marshall the ball with great field position, that's pretty good.

I just can't believe how good this team is going to be when it starts winning the turnover battle. And Marshall and Cincinnati are not cupcakes when it comes to offensive production. UC put up twice the numbers Michigan did against Miami of Ohio in almost every category when they played them last week. Marshall's offense has struggled so far, but it looks like against two good teams...and they will struggle again against a 3rd good team this week. I still think Marshall will win the MAC.
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