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Recent content by MightbeaBuck

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  1. Game Thread Ohio State @ Purdue - 10/20/18, 7:30PM (ABC)

    I am a Buckeye fan, and Ohio State lost a game this year. One game. They are the third best team in the country for this season, as the polls will probably confirm later this week. But that's not important, not really. We all remember Tyler Trent, the guy, the ultimate Boilermaker fan, who was...
  2. 2017 College Football Playoffs (and Other Bowl Games)

    Alabama got into the playoffs instead of Ohio State. I have seen two members of the playoff committee explain why this happened, along with several sports commentator's explaining the reasons they agree with the selection committee. Total victories was considered... the Buckeyes have eleven...
  3. Some BCS facts for your SEC friends

    We are in double digits only seven times. The next best team is in double digits ten times. Interesting to see Virginia Tech's composite ranking above other teams which many would consider, on average, better than them. Guess we would be wrong...
  4. #1 Run Defense By Far

    The superstitious could say comments in this thread jinxed the Buckeyes. By the end of the regular season their defense surrendered 2.0 yards per carry, and 62.3 yards per game. Not shabby by any means, but quite a letdown after the first eight games. Yes, I'm guilty of jinxing them too.
  5. Long-missing Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight have been found alive.

    The "rescuer" was asked by Anderson Cooper if he should get a reward for what he did. Charles Ramsey pulled his paycheck out of his pocket, showed it to Cooper, and said, "I get a paycheck. Give the reward to the girls they rescued." Make fun of him if you wish, but I am liking this guy.
  6. Best Line in all of Rock 'n' Roll

    Either Bob Dylan's "The ants are my friends" or Manfred Mann's "Wrapped up like a douche"
  7. Best Jokes

    Much funnier when using a cane instead of an umbrella...
  8. Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32 (Final!)

    This sentence makes me smile. If a network devoted to all things Big Ten were to be started, Michigan being embarrassed would have to be the best of all possible choices. Well done B1G Network!
  9. Bret Bielema (HC Illinois)

    Of the 50 (57 Obamaland) states: Wisconsin = 47 Utah = 48 New Mexico = 49 Alaska = 50 Idaho = 51 ???? D of Columbia maybe?
  10. GatorPlanet

    I imagine the WoT, the real WoT, will discuss the bandation.
  11. Warning: Don't Do This!

    Why do you have "hospitallers" capitalized? More importantly, why don't you have "Frankpledge" capitalized?
  12. Bands You've Seen In Concert

    Have seen several hundred "headliners", but right now just want to say I saw three of the four Monkees in concert, together, playing as "The Monkees" - Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork. They had Peter Noone (lead singer of Herman's Hermits) and his backup band open for them. That was neat in...
  13. Spring Drive 2012

    What would it cost somebody to get one of the '02 banners?
  14. Pajama Ban

    Hence the pajama problem.
  15. Pajama Ban

    Apparently they don't wear them to bed, but only in public. Besides, this is in Louisiana, so ask GatorUbet.