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Your Fantasy Football Line-up


Hating the environment since 1994
  • Mine is as follows:

    QB- Daunte Culpepper
    RB- Jamal Lewis
    RB- Domanick Davis
    WR- Torry Holt
    WR- Chad Johnson
    WR- Joe Horn
    TE- Marcus Pollard
    DST- Buccaneers
    K- John Kasay/ Nate Kaeding (I've been going back and forth on these guys lately)


    QB's- Byron Leftwich & Trent Green
    RB's- Deshaun Foster, Julius Jones, Onterrio Smith
    WR's- Roy Williams, Ashley Lelie, Michael Jenkins, & Michael Clayton
    TE- Boo Williams
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    10 team league here too.

    QB - Tom Brady
    RB - LaDanian Tomlinson
    RB - Marshall Faulk
    WR - Chad Johnson
    WR - Donte Stallworth
    WR - Peerless Price
    TE - Tony Gonzalez
    K - Adam Vinatieri
    DEF - Seattle (This week Seattle has a bye and I'm playing Atlanta Defense)

    WR - A. Lelie
    QB - S. McNair
    RB - L. Suggs
    TE - D. Clark
    RB - W. McGahee
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    QB P. Manning
    WR T. Holt
    WR L. Fitzgerald
    WR B. Stokley
    RB L. Suggs
    RB D. Foster
    TE M. Pollard
    BN T. Glenn
    BN E. George
    BN T. Heap
    BN T. Brady
    BN M. Muhammad

    K M. Vanderjagt

    DEF New England
    BN Atlanta

    I thought my team was going to suck, but I'm in 2nd place, thanks almost solely to Manning.
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    I'm in a 12 team league, at 2-1, in 4th place. Ineffectiveness at QB is killing me. I'm hoping Rattay comes out healthy and ready to go.

    The Furious FinanceGeeks
    Drew Bledsoe- QB
    Tim Rattay- QB
    Terrell Owens- WR
    Marvin Harrison- WR
    M. Mohammed- WR
    T. Jones- RB
    J. Bettis- RB
    Bubba Franks- TE
    Jeremy Shockey- TE
    M. Vanderjagt- K
    Paul Edinger- K
    NY Giants- DEF
    New England- DEF

    S. McNair- Bench
    Q. Morgan- Bench
    B. Leftwich- Bench
    D. Rhodes- Bench
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    I am in a league, 12 teams. I have one of the best receiving corps, and am doing well so far:

    WR-Roy Williams
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    I am in a league of 12 and am in first place by quite some bit

    QB Hasselback
    RB James
    RB Alexander
    WR Ward
    WR S Moss
    WR J Smith
    TE Graham
    K Wilkins
    DEF Carolina

    back ups
    RB T Jones
    RB T Henry
    QB Delhome
    WR C Chambers
    Def Dallas
    K Stover
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    6 team league-I am kicking butt at 3-0, I only have 2 other serious challengers for the $$$

    QB-Brett Favre, Michael Vick
    RB-Rudi Johnson, LaDainian Tomlinson, Chris Brown, Domanick Davis, Onterrio Smith, Curtis Martin
    WR-Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Darrell Jackson, Roy Williams, Brandon Stokley
    TE-Antonio Gates
    K-Morten Andersen
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