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Yo! First real stat, parts-1,2 &3


Ok, Looks like I can keep adding stats to this post as I finish them. Only problem I lose points for posting. Instead of adding three I’ll only get credit for one. Never will be able to keep up with guys like Mili.
Anyway here is the last of our coaches, #15 through #22.

Lets start this web site out with a stat you won’t find no where else. No you won’t find it at CF Data Warehouse, 1st –N-Goal, WAJL10.com or at Two Cousins CF Emporium. No you won’t even find it at the Official Ohio State web site or “Bucknuts” (well not for a while anyway, unless the bosses here want to buy my copyrights, LOL.).

We all know that our man Woody ranks 8th. for all-time winning % as a head coach in college. But just how did Woody rank from 1951-1975 while he was the coach at OSU? John Cooper ranks like 17th. all time winning % as a coach, but again how did he rank when only at OSU?
There have been 22 head coaches at Ohio State, I won’t do all 22 at one time. To start out with I’ll do the first 8 coaches. Then maybe you’ll see where I’m going. I will show the top 3 programs during their sprint with Ohio State.

Coach No.1.
A.Litty: (1890-1891) two years.
Record: 3-5-0 (37.5%), Ranked No. 20

No.1T, Calif. 4-1-0 (80%) (no coach)
No.1T, Vandy. 4-1-0 (80%) (E.H. Jones)
No.3, Minnesota. 8-2-1 (77.27%) (2-coaches)

Coach No.2.
Jack Ryder: (1892-1895) four years.
Record: 18-17-2 (51.4%), Ranked No. 28th

No.1- Minnesota, 21-4-0 (84%)(3-coaches)
No.2- Stanford, 22-3-4 (82.8% (3-coaches)
No.3- Purdue, 26-6-1 (80.3%) (2-coaches)

Coach No.3.
C.A. Hicky: (1896) one year.
Record: 5-5-1 (50%), Ranked No. 30T

No.1T- LSU, 6-0-0 (100%) (A. Jeardeau)
No.1T- Colorado, 5-0-0 (100%) (F. Folsom)
No.3- Michigan, 9-1-0 (90.%) (no coach)

Coach No.4.
D.F. Edwards: (1897) one year.
Record: 1-7-1 (16.6%), Ranked No. 39th .

No.1-Vanderbilt, 6-0-1 (92.9%) (R.G. Acton)
No.2- Wisconsin, 9-1-0 (90%) (P. King)
No.3- Navy, 8-1-0 (88.9%) (R. Armstrong)

Coach No.5.
John Eckstorm: (1899-1901) three years.
Record: 22-4-3 (81.%), Ranked No.7
No.1-Wisconsin, 26-3-0 (89.7%) (P. King)
No.2- Michigan, 26-4-1(85.5%) (3-coaches)
No.3- Iowa, 21-3-2 (84.6%) (A. Knipe)

Coach No.6.
Perry Hale: (1902-1903) two years.
Record: 14-5-2 (71.4%), Ranked No. 20th .

No.1-Nebraska, 21-0-0 (100%) (W.C. Booth)
No.2- Michigan, 22-0-1 (97.8%) (F. Yost)
No.3- Minnesota, 22-1-1(93.6%) (“Doc” Williams)

Coach No.7.
E.R. Sweetland: (1904-1905) two years.
Record: 14-7-2 (65.2%), Ranked No. 40th .

No. 1- Minnesota, 24-1-0 (96%) (“Doc” Williams)
No.2- Michigan, 22-1-0 (95.7%) (F. Yost)*
No.3- Vanderbilt, 16-1-0 ( 94.1%) (Dan McGugin)*
* Yost & McGugin were brother-in-laws.

Coach No.8.
A.E. Herrnstein: (1906-1909) four years.
Record: 28-10-1 (73.1%), Ranked No. 35th .

No.1-Yale, 35-1-3 (93.5%) (4-coaches)
No.2-Notre Dame, 27-2-2 (90.3%) (3-coaches)
No.3-Washington State, 21-2-2 (88%) (3-coaches)


Coach No.9.
Howard Jones: (1910) one year.
Record: 6-1-3 (75%), Ranked No. 29th .

No.1T-Pittsburgh, 9-0-0 (100%) ( J. Thompson)
No.1T-Illinois, 7-0-0 (100%) (A. Hall)
No.1T-Colorado, 6-0-0 (100%) (F.Folsom)*
No.1T- Washington, 6-0-0 (100%) (G. Dobie)
*F. Folsom had 15 seasons at Colorado in three different sprints.
Longest 8- years, shortest 2- years

Coach No.10
H. Vaughn: (1911) one year.
Record: 5-3-2 (60%), Ranked No. T45th .

No.1T-Oklahoma, 8-0-0 (100%) (Bennie Owen)
No.1T-Washington, 7-0-0 (100%) (G. Dobie)
No.1T-Colorado, 6-0-0 (100%) (F. Folsom)

Coach No.11.
John Richards: (1912) one year.
Record: 6-3-0 (66.7%), Ranked No. T24th
No.1T-Penn State,8-0-0 (100%) (Jo-Pa, no it was W. Hollenback)
No.1T-Notre Dame, 7-0-0 (100%) (J. Marks)
No.1T- Wisconsin, 7-0-0 (100%) (W. Juneau)
No.1T- Washington, 6-0-0 (100%) (G. Dobie)

Coach No.12.
John Wilce: (1913-1928) sixteen years.
Record: 78-33-9 (68.8%), Ranked No. 20th .

No.1- Notre Dame, 120-17-6 (86%) (2-coaches, Rockne, the last 11 yrs.)
No.2-Army, 108-23-7 (80.8%) (6-coaches)
No.3-Pittsburgh, 105-23-10 (79.7%) (3-coaches)

Coach No.13.
S. Willaman: (1929-1933) six years.
Record: 26-10-5 (69.5%), Ranked No. 23ed.

No.1- Tennessee, 4-4-3 (89%) (R. Neyland)
No.2-Southern Cal, 48-6-1 (88.2%) (H. Jones)
No.3-Purdue, 36-4-2 (88.1%) (2-coaches)

Coach No.14.
F. Schmidt: (1934-1940) seven years.
Record: 39-16-1 (70.5%), Ranked No. 14th .

No.1- Alabama, 52-9-4 (83.1%) (F.W. Thomas)
No.2-Minnesota, 46-9-1 (83%) (B. Blerman)
No.3-Duke, 55-11-1 (82.4%) (Wallace Wade)

Part Three

Coach No.15.
Paul Brown: (1941-1943) three years.
Record: 18-8-1 (68.5%), Ranked No. 16th .

No.1- Notre Dame, 24-3-3 (85%) (F.Leahy)
No.2-Texas, 24-4-1 (84.5%) (Dana X. Bible)
No.3-Georgia, 26-6-1 (80.3%) (Wallace Butts)

Coach No.16.
C. Widdoes: (1944-1945) two years.
Record: 16-2-0 (88.9%), Ranked No.3.

No.1-Army, 18-0-0 (100%) (Earl “Red” Blaik)
No.2-Oklahoma State, 17-1-0 (94.4%) (Jim Lookabaugh)
No.3-The Bucks

Coach No.17.
Paul Bixler: (1946) one year.
Record: 4-3-2 (55.6%), Ranked No. 53ed.

No.1-Georgia, 11-0-0 (100%) (Wallace Butts)
No.2-Army, 9-0-1 (95%) (Earl “Red” Blaik)
No.3-Notre Dame, 8-0-1 (94.4%) (F.Leahy)

Coach No.18.
Wesley Fesler: (1947-1950) four years.
Record: 21-13-3 (60.8%), Ranked No.41st .

No.1T-California, 38-4-1 (89.5%) (“Pappy” Waldorf)
No.1T -Oklahoma, 38-4-1 (89.5%) (“Bud” Wilkinson)
No.3-Army, 30-3-3 (87.5%) (Earl “Red” Blaik)

Coach No.19.
“Woody”Hayes: (1951-1978) twenty-eight years.
Record: 205-61-10 & one knock-out (76.1%), Ranked No.2 .

No.1-Oklahoma, 233-64-7 (77.8%) (5-coaches)
No.2- The Buckeye’s
No.3-Penn State, 222-70-4 (75.7%) (2-coaches)

Coach No.20.
Earl Bruce: (1979-1987) nine years.
Record: 81-26-1 (75.5%), Ranked No.7th .

No.1- Nebraska, 92-18-0 (83.6%) (Tom Osborne)
No.2- BYU, 94-21-0 (81.7%) (LaVell Edwards)
No.3-Oklahoma, 86-20-2 (80.6%) (Barry Switzer)

Coach No.21.
John Cooper: (1988-2000) thirteen years.
Record: 111-43-0 (72.1%), Ranked No.10.

No.1- Florida State, 141-18-1 (88.4%) (Bobby Bowden)
No.2- Nebraska, 139-22-1 (86.1%) (2-coaches)
No.3-Miami Fla., 125-30-0 (80.7%) (3-coaches)

Coach No.22.
Jim Tressel: (2001- forever) two years.
Record: 21-5-0 (80.8%), Ranked No.T5th .

No.1- Miami Fla., 24-1-0 (96%) (Larry Coker)
No.2- Oklahoma, 23-4-0 (85.2%) (Bob Stoops)
No.3- Marshall, 22-4-0 (84.6%) (Bob Pruett)

That my friends-- wrap up the first stat post on this soon to be, great Buckeye Board.

Best of luck to Clarity & all the guys responsible for this site. I know it’s been a long ole haul and a lot of hard work.

It's Miller's Time
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Now this is what I'm talking about! These are exactly the kind of stats I want to see! I bet Cooper did OK... I'll guess 7th during his tenure. Would have been higher if he left a year earlier! Well... get on with it! :hour:
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Great post BuckJim! :beer: Enjoy the Millers!

Tressel starts 7-5 and is already at #5!?!? That's Awesome.

And what can you say about Woody? I'll have to go with a TKO with a unanimous decision and undisputed Buckeye Legend - W. W. Hayes.

BTW ... 18 coaches the first 60 years and 4 the last 52 years ... hope that stays 4 the last 75 years!

Go Bucks!
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CltBuckeye62: The reason for the name change is, I couldn't get NewOrleansBuckeye on the helmet.
No the reason is, I plan on moving back to Ohio, and since Buckjim is my e-mail I used that. I can also stick to that name when I move.
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$1000 vBucks to anyone who can lure my buddy Jim back over to our dirty little lair over here. He has stats and info no one else anywhere does, and his posts with those are what I miss most (meaning, what I don't get over here in new BP-form) from my BN days.

Pulled this thread up from the depths, eh? I took about an hour of scrambling around on 4 different sites, and updated #22. I don't know how Jim/NOB does it.

Current through 2004, not including (obviously) the upcoming bowl game;

Coach No.22.
Jim Tressel: (2001- present) four years.
Record: 39-11-0 (78.0%), Ranked No.8th.

No.1- Miami Fla., 43-5-0 (89.6%) (Larry Coker)
No.2- Oklahoma, 46-6-0 (88.5%) (Bob Stoops)
No.3- Boise State, 44-6-0 (88%) (Dan Hawkins)

I'll toss this in for good measure;

In 4 years under Jim Tressel, we are 23-9 against the Big Ten (4 of 9 losses coming this year), 4-0 against the MAC, 3-0 against the ACC, 2-1 against the Pac-10, 2-0 against the Big XII, 2-0 against the Mountain West, 2-0 against C-USA, 1-0 against the WAC, 0-1 against the Southeastern Conf.

Just for shits and giggles, here it is after the 2003 season;

Coach No.22.
Jim Tressel: (2001-2003) three years.
Record: 32-7-0 (82%), Ranked No.T4th .

No.1- Miami Fla., 35-3-0 (92%) (Larry Coker)
No.2- Oklahoma, 35-6-0 (85.4%) (Bob Stoops)
No.3- Boise State, 33-6-0 (84.6%) (Dan Hawkins)

So after year 2, JT was tied for 5th. After year 3, tied for 4th (with Texas/Mack Brown), after year 4 (despite the struggles) squarely in 8th.

No Big Ten teams/coaches rank above him from year 2 forward. Michigan/Llloyd Carr and Iowa/Ferentz are closest in a 2-way tie at 37-12 (75.5%). I'm too lazy to figure out where that puts them on the national scale, but it should be in the mid teens somewhere.
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ScarletArrow said:
Didn't we lose to UCLA in JT's first year?

Yep, typo. [sub]smartass[/sub]

Fixed though, thanks for pointing it out. What was '2-0' is now '2-1'.

Lol, see why we need NOB? He wouldn't have slipped.

What would really fry our collective melons, is putting the W/L numbers against offensive ranking averages for the same teams during the same period.
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That's Me Baby!

Coach No.11.
John Richards: (1912) one year.
Record: 6-3-0 (66.7%), Ranked No. T24th
No.1T-Penn State,8-0-0 (100%) (Jo-Pa, no it was W. Hollenback)
No.1T-Notre Dame, 7-0-0 (100%) (J. Marks)
No.1T- Wisconsin, 7-0-0 (100%) (W. Juneau)
No.1T- Washington, 6-0-0 (100%) (G. Dobie)

Not a bad mark for my namesake!
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