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WR David Boston (First Team All-American, NFL All Pro)


Jun 6, 2003
Pittsburgh, PA
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Hopefully the biggest OSU embarrassment in recent memory has seen his last days on the football field. Have fun becoming the next Jose Canseco. :slappy:


another hilarious story involving this scumbag

Associated Press

BURLINGTON, Vt. -- Miami Dolphins wide receiver David Boston pleaded no contest Wednesday to a charge that he struck a ticket agent at the Burlington International Airport in October.

Boston's attorney Douglas Kallen said his client was ordered to pay a $500 fine and $211 in restitution.

Boston, who missed the entire NFL season with a knee injury, was accused of hitting a U.S. Airways employee in the face on Oct. 19 after the agent refused to let him to board a plane. Boston said the agent caused him to miss his flight and had spit in his face.

The ticket agent, Ed Gorchinski, told police the flight was running late and that he had urged Boston, a late passenger, to hurry to the plane but Boston took his time. He told Boston he was closing the door and refused to allow him to board. Boston punched him in the face, causing his glasses to fall off, court papers said.

Boston injured his knee injury in August. He had been rehabilitating in Vermont, where he had knee surgery.
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Watson, Crick & A Twist
Oct 29, 2004
SW Ohio
Good news: David Boston released
The likelihood of David Boston remaining unsigned isn't zero, but it is a pretty small number.

Thinking about Boston becoming a total loser likely wasting his 30s on drugs or in jail is hilarious.
Sounds about as funny as a shower door in a submarine. Guess everyone has their own individual sense of humor, some are more twisted than others.
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Head Coach
Feb 25, 2004
MililaniBuckeye said:
No, actually you're the biggest embarrassment to OSU, Rashmish. Way to support a former Buckeye. Moron.
Why should we support him because he was a former Buckeye? Boston was one of my favorite players at Ohio State but now he has turned into a has been steroid user, a waste of talent, and an embarrassment. He has already been cut by the Dolphins. After the 2001 season he could have been the faster version of Terrell Owens. He should be one of the 3 best receivers in the NFL right now.

Apparently you've missed: (a) TWO blown ACLs (b) postive test for cocaine (c) positive test for steroids (4 game suspension) (d) one game suspension for altercation with Chargers trainer, who confronted him about his steroid use (e) pleads no contest to assaulting a cleak at an airport (f) traded by the Chargers after one season (g) cut by the Dolphins after one season

Boston is a head-case suffering from 'roid rage. He's a cancer. If he hasn't already been blackballed from the NFL (we'll see if anyone signs him), the league wants him OUT because he is an obvious steroid/HGH-user and has the ability to test him 24 times a year.
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tibor75 said:
Hopefully the biggest OSU embarrassment in recent memory has seen his last days on the football field. Have fun becoming the next Jose Canseco. :slappy:

What a joke. You compare this to MoC and still call it the biggest? I can understand calling it a disappointment. During OSU days, I've met Boston once while he was a freshman. He seemed like a good person. He was even playing video games with my room mates in morril (sp) tower.

I'm sure of one thing....roids and HGH has not improved David Boston's numbers . He was a great player in college and a great prospect for Pros. So you can't put him in Jose Conseco's category who improved using steroids.

And, one last thing.... This kinda crap should not be allowed on this site specially about good OSU players. MoC is hated because he's done harm to tOSU and bash 'em all you want. I am greatful for his contributions to the NC and forgiving cause he was still a KID.
But, if he comes up with anything else NOW.... he should be _______. (fill in the blanks.)
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