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Thank God for Picture in Picture....

Too many good games on right now

Ho hum...cold Sushi? I have a nice breeze coming through my windows right now:biggrin:

Ortiz with the bomb and then Millar off the Green Monster....

Pulling for ya Sushi
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LoKyBuckeye said:
I hate to say it but I'm rooting for the Sox... it's a balmy 83 degress here in FL :).

Is there a vBet for the series anywhere?

Say it loud and proud, dude! Lots of closet Sox fans have come out in the last few days. Fuck the curse! :biggrin:

BTW, Loky, I hate you for your weather!
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I was never a Sox fan... I really disliked them because of Pedro but that last series against the spankees made me root for them It could be because I'm a Cleveland fan (no comments tibs :) ) and relate a little to the lack of Championships.

next time... I'll keep the weather to myself!
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You all know that New York's full of cocks
They're all high payed losers and jocks
But they lost 4 for 4
Now the Cardinals can't score
The series will go to the SOX!

Now the score's four to one
But the game is surely not done
The run's but a tease
Till we see David Ortiz
Guarantee this game is won.
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You called it, Tibor. I love to see Tavarez pout -- maybe he needs to go abuse another phone and break his other hand!

Sox up 1-0!

Edit: I just realized that the Sox scored more points alone tonight than Penn St. and Iowa put together! :slappy:
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