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Wimbledon'04: Serena Williams v. Maria Sharapova


Will Bryant
Staff member
Everyone starts with $500 vCash. That's all you're getting unless you go completely bust. If you zero out, when new events are added, the system will check, and give you $25 as an act of charity to keep you in the game. Other than that, this is your whole roll. So if you bet $500 on a longshot today and lose it, you can expect to only have $25 for the next event, and $0 until then. (Read: You're not getting more when the football season gets here).

There is no vehicle to undo bets. Once you enter it, it's sticking. There's no vehicle to add vCash to people's accounts. Once you lose it, you'll have to build back up to a bigger roll using the $25 charity kicker.

Events can only be entered by admins and bookmakers. We will use Vegas odds when possible. This events odds are based on those set by a major UK book.

Quick primer on odds for the unfamiliar, by an unfamiliar. If the odds are 10/3, that's $10 won for every 3 bet, plus your bet back. So if you bet 9 on Sharapova with those odds, and she wins, you're getting your 9 back, plus 30. If you lose, you just lost your 9. 1/5 on Williams makes her the strong favorite. For every 5 you bet, you win one. So if you bet 50 here and win, you're getting your 50 back, plus 10. vCash is withdrawn from your roll at the time of bet. So if you bet 75 now, expect to see your vCash down to 425. You can bet more than once. Meaning if you decide at the last minute you want to put more down on your original bet, you can. If you want to hedge your bet by playing both sides of the fence, you can do that too.

Just for the sake of saying it, vCash is imaginary "fun" currency. There is no real betting going on here, this is a just a game, just for entertainment value. On the other hand, this *is* a college football forum with some pretty serious fans, so Iif you're sulking around here midseason with a big fat goose-egg next to vCash, you better expect from good natured ribbing from the poster sporting a couple grand. Lol. As Oh8ch said in the title of another post, "put your (imaginary) money where your mouth is."

Generally speaking, events will allow betting until 30 minutes before the event. Payouts will generally be processed at the end of the day, but really as the bookmaker in general has time to enter the results into the system and process everything.

All that aside, I present our inaugural (second take) event. Serena Williams vs. Maria Sharapova. (Hey, we had to use something.)

Credit goes to Oh8ch for the BP Book concept, and of course the coder (another vB admin) who coded it up. You all keep coming up with ideas, I'll keep trying to make them happen.
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