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Will the media ever learn? (answer: no)


Will Bryant
Staff member
Every year the talking heads build up one team to mythical proportions. Last year it was Navy, this year Oklahoma -- more often than not, that team proves to be stocked with merely mortal players. Miami dropped to us last year, Alabama ten years before that. Both "gimme" games. Oklahoma is "one of the best teams in the history of college football" this year. Really? That's frigging sweet, because they're about to be a 1-loss team. As we were a NO loss team last year, I guess that means the 2002 Buckeyes are one of the best all-time as well.

The reality is that dynasties in college football are a thing of the past. As great a team may look for X weeks, they can still come out and face a hungry team with a perfect gameplan, and perfect execution, and take an honest loss.

We did against Michigan State when we were the "unbeatables", Oklahoma is about to, there are countless examples.

You would think at some point, at least ONE person in the media would start to say something like "Y is unstoppable, unbeatable, give them the trophy now", and then stop and recognize that while they certainly look great, there's a reason every single game is played.

Parity is a dirty word in college football today, but it's a reality. San Diego State gave us a game. Why? Because USC and UCLA can't take all the Cali kids. Bowling Green and Miami(OH) both top-25 teams?! Yeah, Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame can't take all the Ohio kids. Florida, Florida State and Miami can't take all the Florida kids, and even after we steal the odd Chris Gamble, Santonio Holmes, Lydell Ross, etc. etc. etc. that still leaves some pretty amazing talent for UCF, USF -- hell, even Florida A&M is getting enough talent these days to step up to I-A!

I know I'm wasting my time wondering if the media will ever get a clue. I realize that they're in the *entertainment* business. Building someone up as an unbeatable adds drama, excitement, and controversy in the not-so-unlikely event that they get upset before or during the title game.

Last year two unbeatens went head to head. This year it's the battle of the one loss teams. Wait a sec, I need to yawn.

Honestly? OU/LSU, OU/USC, USC/LSU somehow? I'm sure I'll find something better to watch. Maybe Genevieve will be doing an episode of Trading Spaces. :roll2:
I know my opinion isn't the most popular one, but it's been too long since I've taken abuse so here goes. The BCS needs to be done away with. Not a great deal of controversy there. But I would rather see College football go back to the way it was before the BCS. I don't want to see a playoff system. I like the bowls, all of them (except the Humanitarian). I want to see a Big 10 - Pac 10 Rose bowl every year. I really don't care a great deal about the NC. Last year as sweet as the Fiesta win was, it paled to the win over scUM. That was a cathartic moment for me. Everything else was gravy. To me the thing that seperates College football from the NFL is tradition. I don't watch CFB because I'll see the best of the best (rather obvious, since I'm a huge Kent State fan), but because I'm watching history. The fact that most colleges are trully a part of their community is what makes college athletics special. You don't hear Andy Geiger blackmailing C-bus for a better stadium or tax breaks. The traditional bowl system helps to advance that sense of community. Last year,instead of bitch slapping Miami, I would have rather went to the Rose and knocked USC down a peg or two. But that's just me.
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I agree with you. I remember last year when the bucknut fans were getting nervous about Georgia or OU or Notre Dame messing up OSU's Fiesta chances, my feelings were: I could care less. I just want an undefeated season. If our 95 team had beaten scUM and then USC in the Rose Bowl and finished 2nd to that amazing Nebraska team, would it mean any less? No.
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