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8. Ohio State
The Flag-Bearer
Cris Carter
The Ensemble
David Boston, Joey Galloway, Terry Glenn, Jeff Graham, Michael Jenkins, Chris Sanders, Doug Donley, Brian Baschnagel, Dee Miller and Morris Bradshaw

Carter got the ball rolling in 1986, when he became the first Buckeye 1,000-yard receiver, and OSU has flourished in this department ever since. While Carter was busy crafting a Hall of Fame career with the Minnesota Vikings, his alma mater was attracting big-play receivers like Boston, Galloway and Glenn, all stark contrasts to the possession receivers of the Woody Hayes era. In 1998, Boston ran roughshod through Big Ten secondaries for a Buckeye-best 85 catches and 1,435 yards. Each member of the trio has already had at least two 1,000-yard seasons in the NFL. In April, Jenkins became the fourth Buckeye receiver since 1995 to be selected in the opening round.

6. Ohio State
There was a time when Ohio State was a pure power running program with Woody Hayes more likely to wear maize and blue than to throw a forward pass. That was a long time ago. Ohio State has cranked out some of the best receivers in college football over the past 25 years with top pro prospects, All-Americans and a Biletnikoff winner in Terry Glenn. It's not like the Buckeyes have had a who's who of all-star quarterbacks; the receivers have simply been that good.

Ohio State's five greatest wide receivers
1) Cris Carter - Carter showed off the hands that would make him an all-time NFL great making highlight reel grabs catching 164 passes for 2,725 yards and 27 touchdowns. He set a then Rose Bowl record in 1985 with nine catches for 172 yards and was an All-American in 1986.
2) David Boston - Boston left school after rewriting most of the Buckeye record book catching 191 passes for 2,855 yards and 35 touchdowns highlighted by the game-winning touchdown catch in 1997 Rose Bowl over Arizona State. He was unstoppable even when he was the focus of the other team's defensive scheme.
3) Terry Glenn - Glenn caught 15 passes for 266 yards and no touchdowns in his first two years in Columbus. And then he blew up with a Biletnikoff Award winning 1995 season catching 64 passes for 1,411 yards and 17 touchdowns averaging 22.1 yards per grab.
4) Joey Galloway - An All-Big Ten performer on the field and in the classroom in 1993, Galloway used his otherworldly speed to be one of the premier deep threats in college football. He caught 64 career passes for 1,225 yards and 19 touchdowns.
5) Doug Donley -
The team's leading receiver from 1978 through 1980, Donley was a deep receiver averaging 21.2 yards per catch finishing his career on top of the OSU receiving charts with 2,252 yards on 106 catches with 16 touchdowns.
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Good find. It's surprising that Fiu doesn't list Michael Jenkins at all. Also, i e-mailed the other guy asking him to correct the spelling of Baschnagel.
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Heres to the forward pass!

Those are some great receivers and its amazing that all these guys have been there just in the last 25 years or so.....

Chris Carter has to be my favorite out of this bunch....unbelievable player.

Hopefully Santonio Holmes will add his name to the list of great Buckeye wideouts!

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But if we're talking about a school that produces great receivers then Warfiled and Keith Byars belong in the mix.

Warfield was often set outside and ran more than a few long routes in his day... and I watched him switch over to defense for one game to cover Wisconsin's All American end, Pat Richter, and hold him to just one catch. something no one else could do all season.
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