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Why do the courts even entertain crap like this...


This space left intentionally blank

Michael Newdow's at it again. This time he claims he'll be hurt by a prayer at President Bush's inauguration. This prayer must be pretty powerful stuff to cause an innocent man such suffering!

He lost this same case before the first inauguration he was planning to watch on TV, so this time he got a ticket to the event. Give me a break!

Here is the BitB's...

Top ten list of things Newdow could do to avoid getting hurt by the prayer:

10) Stick his fingers in his ears and repeat, "I can't hear you! La, la, la!" during the prayer.
9) Everytime people say "Amen", Newdow can say "NOT!"
8) Bring a walkman with self-help tapes... "You are your own God. You are a powerful and all-knowing being."
7) Use prayer time to think up new argument against "In God we trust"
6) Think good thoughts for the president.
5) Pray really hard for exactly the opposite of everything the minister says... you know as a hedge... just in case he's wrong.
4) Open eyes, raise head, unfold hands and fidgit like crazy!
3) Figure out exactly where the stuff that made that Big "Bang!" came from.
2) Contemplate difference between "freedom of religion" and "freedom FROM religion".

and the number one way to avoid getting hurt by the prayer at President Bush's inauguration...

1) DON'T GO!
At what point do you decide your one of your primary goals is to protect people from the Government implying the extistence of a supreme being.

Now... I don't have any problems with anyone believing what they want to... and to be quite honest... my personal spiritual views tend to sway around sometimes... but the point is that I don't have any problem with theism or atheism (to keep it very simple...). But I tend to think that loudmouth morons like this would only object to a prayer because they are pissed off that someone would ask for 30 seconds of silence and they'd have to shut the fuck up for once.

Besides I tend to imagine that if Newdow could see the forest through the trees... (and assuming he's not a Republican) you would imagine that he'd allow for the possibility of the existence of God for a quick minute just on the premise that Dubya could use all the help he can get.
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This is just a bunch of shit from loud-mouthed assclown that is doing nothing but trying to get publicity and a "mark" in the history books. Explain to me, if possible, how the phrase "under God", or any prayer, actually hurts these individuals? If they don't like it, then don't participate.
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