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Who's Your Team?

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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
We all love the Buckeyes but I'm curious as to who some of you root for in the NFL. I am a Packers fan. I grew up in Cleveland (no comments tibor :wink:) and the Browns are a close second. I use to have them even but the way the front office has run the team lately just pisses me off. I will always be a Browns fan but there is something about the Pack that draws you in to being a cheesehead. The Packers franchise represents the way a sports team should be run.

Who's your team?

Not a great deal of interest now

growing up I was a Rams Fan...Roman Gabriel

if I had to pick now, I think it would be dallas, due to the Bucks playing there

hate to say, since moving to downstate MI, I have become a Tigers, Pistons and Lions fan, but NEVER a scUM fan
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been a dallas fan ever since '79. my brother was a steeler fan ( we lived in milwaukee?!?!?) and I hated my bro growing up so I rooted for his most hated team. The Cowboys. Still love them to this day. Hate the Bears. No likey the Packers unless they are playing the Bears. Can't stand the Redskins. If the Redskins play the Bears I root for the stadium to implode. ;-)
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I've taken it on the chin when it comes to pro football heartache. Bills and Stillers, starting from a time (early '80's) when the Steelers were on the backside of greatness, and when the Bills were pretty much the worst team in the league for like 7 years. Between the two, I've been on the wrong side of 5 Super Bowls, and a couple of conference championships (Steelers). Don't pay too much attention any more, although I still like the style of ball that the Steelers play (at least up until the last year or so). Kinda Buckeye-esque.
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