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Who wins the AL East? Post a Poll

  • New York Yankees

    Votes: 38 55.9%
  • Boston Red Sox

    Votes: 30 44.1%

  • Total voters
sears3820 said:
It looks like we're just going to fall short to win the East but are in the driver's seat in the wild card.

I can't wait for playoff baseball.
I'll be rooting for the Cardinals/Cubs and Red Sox throughout the playoffs. I'm excited for some postseason games...although the AL and NL West races are exiting this year.
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It looks like the wildcard will end up getting the twins...and the winner will end up getting the winner of the West. Which is a tougher team? I'd say the winner of the west, no matter who it is.
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No doubt. This last week is going to be great to see which team folds or rises to the top in the AL and NL West races.

I'd love to see Texas nudge out the A's and Halos. The L.A.-S.F. series this weekend could be huge if the Giants stay within 2 games.
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The A.L. Playoff seeding has a long way to go. Boston is the Wild Card, New York is the AL East, Minny is the AL Central, and nobody knows who the AL West is, and a lot of it depends on how it shakes out.

I'm going to the Yankees-Twins game on Thursday, and maybe on Wednesday (Santana pitches Wednesday). Should be a very interesting series.
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sears: "The only thing left to determine is whether we'll be the WC or AL East champs."

The Yanks' Magic Number is 4 with 6 to play. Its highly unlikely that the Red Sox win the Division. In fact, I might be in the House that Ruth Built for the clincher.
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I have a friend in Boston who is going to try and score some tix to the ALDS.

I don't see me making it though even if she gets some. Moving home is going to set me back a little financially.

If they make it to the WS though, you can bet I'll explore every option in order to score a ticket.
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