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Who Is the Greatest Buckeye Offensive Guard?

Who Is the Greatest Buckeye Offensive Guard? (Please make FOUR selections)

  • Ken Fritz

    Votes: 15 20.3%
  • Bill Jobko

    Votes: 11 14.9%
  • Jim Lachey

    Votes: 66 89.2%
  • Joe Lukens

    Votes: 14 18.9%
  • Rob Murphy

    Votes: 34 45.9%
  • Jim Parker

    Votes: 57 77.0%
  • Ted Smith

    Votes: 3 4.1%
  • Aurealius Thomas

    Votes: 11 14.9%
  • Other

    Votes: 13 17.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Illuminatus Emeritus
Staff member
BP Recruiting Team
Welcome to the eighth installment of the "Greatest Buckeyes Ever" poll - this one allows you to vote for the best Buckeye offensive guards. Every Saturday, we will post a poll on "Who's the Greatest Buckeye" at each of the positions. The last poll, head coach, will open on the day of THE GAME, and close on December 30th. By New Years Day, we will have the Buckeye Planet All-Time Buckeye Team.

All players selected for the poll will be from the "modern era", which we have more-or-less arbitrarily determined to have begun with the hiring of Woody Hayes in 1951. However, there will be a special poll for the older Buckeye stars, where you will be allowed to choose amongst such greats as Les Horvath, Vic Janowicz, Chic Harley, etc.

Please vote on each poll, if you can. Also, please note that each poll will allow you to vote at least twice, as we would like to compile a first and second team. If you vote for "other", please let us know your selection(s) by setting forth the name(s) in a post.

Polls will be posted as follows:

1. Quarterback (CLOSED - Rex Kern is the first team QB, with Craig Krenzel as the second team selection)
2. Tailback (CLOSED - no surprise: Archie and Eddie lead)
3. Athlete (OPEN - Paul Warfield and Chris Gamble lead)
4. Fullback (OPEN - Pete Johnson and Jim Otis lead)
5. Wide Receiver (OPEN - Cris Carter and David Boston lead, with Jenkins, Galloway, and Glenn vying for third and fourth place)
6. Tight End (OPEN - John Frank leads, with Ben Hartsock, Rickey Dudley, and Jan White battling for second place)
7. Offensive Tackle (OPEN - Orlando Pace, John Hicks, and Korey Stringer lead)
8. Offensive Guard (OPEN)
9. Offensive Center
10. Defensive Tackle
11. Defensive End
12. Outside Linebacker
13. Middle Linebacker
14. Safety
15. Cornerback
16. Kicker
17. Punter
18. "Old Timer"
19. Head Coach

So, please vote now for your All-Time Greatest Buckeye Offenisve Guard; please make FOUR selections.

Note: Most of the selections were All-Americans (Parker in '55and '56; Thomas in '57; Smith in '75; Fritz in '79; Lachey in '84; and Murphy in '97 and '98). Jobko was the team MVP in 1957, and Lukens was a three-time All Big Ten selection ('80-'82).

Thanks for your participation.


out of chaos comes playoffs
only voted for parker and lachey.

wish i could pull a negative vote for murphy. worst all american ever. only an all american because he started early at ohio state and jackass sportswriters figured that he must be great after stringer and pace did the same thing. murphy wasn't the best guard on his teams.
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Buckeye Planet Old Fart
The article in Bucknuts magazine addressed how great Jim Parker was at OSU and with the Colts.
Woody treated him as his son. He used to baby sit Steve Hayes when Woody and Ann Hayes had to go out. (I know that doesn't make him a great guard).

It is hard to leave any of those guys off the list, having seen them all play in the Horseshoe.
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