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Who does bad weather favor?

McClendon's injury bug? Yeah right...he'll play the whole game and be almost 100%. I'll believe he's really hurt when I see it. I guess the weather all depends on how fast Ivan goes. I would think that bad weather would equalize things. But you know how Tressel does in close games...so maybe equalizing things isn't that bad of thing. I hope the weather is nice...I don't want to see any more injuries.
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BrutusBobcat said:
When our most effective weapon is Santonio Holmes, my take would be that bad weather does not favor us. Like everyone else, I hope that I'm wrong, or that Ivan takes a left turn and heads for Texas. :biggrin:
many "experts" say the bad weather favors the receiver bc he knows where he is going, if you watch sunday play it surely is true, at the college level not as much
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I don't see how the weather could possibly favor us. Like XC, I wouldn't believe a thing coming out of Amato's mouth. TA will play and be much more healthy than they're letting on. He's a much better back than Ross, even when not 100%. If the passing game is taken away by rain/wind I hope Tressel gets Pittman AND Haw into the game. Running Lydell up the middle won't win us this ballgame.
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NCSU is roughly at the top of where the capital "S" in "Sunday" is.

Still way to early to tell, but whoever posted about the thunderstorms and tornado's that hurricane's spin off is dead on the money. This game could very well get cancelled or have lightning delays at the very least. Hopefully it doesn't interfere.

More important than football, pray for those people on the Gulf Coast. If Ivan doesn't let up, nothing can stand up to 160mph winds, a lot of people will die from a landfall like that. Ivan's already killed 70 some on its way through the Carrib. :(

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Right now, I'm just happy it isn't heading towards Central Florida. They can't take another direct hit. My brothers and their families have dealt with enough.

I don't think the weather will benefit or hinder either team more than the other. They both have to play in it. We have more depth and that could be the deciding factor. Playing in that kind of driving rain is very tiring. We have the depthe to rotate players all day long. I don't think they do. And only at running back if anything.
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Agree, Jax. This is only a football game to those of us who don't live in Ivan's path. To those who do, it's a life-and-death circumstance.

As to the game: I've seen great quarterbacks like Brett Favre and Terry Bradshaw have terrific games in the rain and wind. But I wouldn't count on Justin Zwick being able to handle it at this point in his career. If anyone saw him play in the rain in Orrville or Massilon, I'd love to know how he did. But in the first two games, in dry conditions, his ball has floated and he's thrown interceptions. So my guess is rain does not bode well for our passing game.

If Zwick does struggle in the slop, I hope JT gives Troy Smith a serious shot. His ability to run out of the pocket, in improvised QB draws, could be a life-saver. It will be pretty tough for heavy NCSt d-linemen to contain him on a slippery field. If the receivers down field are covered, all Troy has to do is out-maneuver a few 300 lb. lineman. That could be fun to watch.

The running game may be a different story from the passing attack. With Branden Joe coming back tOSU should be able to run strong up the middle, with minimal reliance on quick cuts in the mud. If I were JT, I think I'd use Ross and Pittman equally in the early going to see which one responds best to field conditions. Whoever can handle it should split carries with Joe for the rest of the game.

This game scares me because it's yet another contest that opponents have targeted since Spring practice as season-makers. Cinci, Marshall and now these guys -- only this one's at their place. TOSU is 2-2 in its last 4 away games ...there's a big revenge factor ...and there could be hurricane conditions. Yikes!

The two great things we have going for us, in or out of the rain, are JT and Nuuuuuge. I am confident that JT's been in enough of these nasty games to know best how to use his personnel to prevail. And I'm confident that Nuuuge has a strong enough leg to make field goals from reasonable distances in the wind and rain.
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Scooter- I didn't want to say it beacuse I feel so bad for whoever does get this thing but your are dead on. We have done our part over here in mainland FL, we cannot take another hit escpecially with this being the worst of the 3.
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Jaxbuck said:
Scooter- I didn't want to say it beacuse I feel so bad for whoever does get this thing but your are dead on. We have done our part over here in mainland FL, we cannot take another hit escpecially with this being the worst of the 3.
My older brother is in Port Orange and my younger brother is down the road from you in Palm Coast. And like you, they've had enough.

I do pity the people who get this one. Its a doozy.
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