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I heart Wendy Peffercorn
In a couple of weeks a group of 4 (2 couples in late 20's early 30's) are going to Denver for a few days. Basically, we will have a lot of free time in between commitments. Any suggestions? We would be up to anything that involves less than an hour and half drive or so......Thanks in advance.


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boulder mountain is very nice.

rockey mountain national park (its more than 45 mins) but well worth it. it may still be closed due to snow though. absolutely my second fav national park. (carter lake is far and away #1)

boulder these days is damn near a burb of denver.
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I was going to suggest hanging out at the Denver Airport but that's more than an hour away from Denver. (if my memory serves me right, I was drunk so my cab driver might have just driven around in circles.
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