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What linebacker(s) do the Buckeyes land in this class?

What linebacker(s) do the Buckeyes land in this class?

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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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I believe I asked this question once before but I thought it was worth asking again.(Well to be honest, 86 put me up to it) You may make more than one selection.
Have you seen the BP tackle football thread? There are some monster linebackers on that team that would fit great into OSU's defense :wink2:

Edit: Didn't notice tis was a poll the first time. anywho, I think Elija Hodge will make his way to Columbus. I don't know why, just a gut feeling. I like that Austin Spitler kid too I just don't think he'll get an offer

2nd Edit: It looks as if Austin may have gotten an offer so I am adding him to my list as well.
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Nutty, nice poll idea :biggrin:

All those guys would be great choices and great Buckeyes but if I had to choose

Who I want- McCoy (possible SAM or WILL), Hodge or Lenix (WILL), and Felder (MIKE)

Who I think we get- McCoy, Hodge and somehow I think we get Lenix

'06 LB Depth

SAM- Freeman/McCoy/Gibson/maybe Terry
MIKE- Hoobler/Kerr/Homan- maybe D'Andrea if he gets an extra year (doubtful)
WILL- Lukens/Hodge/Lenix/maybe Terry

Brandon Smith to the Dline??
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I have a feeling Spitler will be getting some votes soon. :wink2:

I still think we get McCoy and at the very least Hodge or Lenix. But maybe things don't look so great with the other Inside LB guys like Mathis, Felder or the Minny kid??
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I think we'll take four if one of them is either Daniels or Lenix. Both are great athletes and can move to another position if LB depth chart is full. And after reading about the TAZ gossip, I think we will take four either way.
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How can you grow up in cbus and actually be considering going to oklahoma?

What 18 year old actually listens to their mom.

If that was the case then I would have went to Dartmouth on a baseball scholie rather than enjoy the best five years of my life and ever year since basking in the buckeye nation

A note to Alex - don't listen to mom, listen to the buckeye nation who believe that you and your 20 or so comrades this year could be the next buckeye greats.

Besides - how can you pass up opening a can of whoop ass on the team up north
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