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What is the Libation of Choice Tonight??

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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member
I was at Promo West Pavillion last night to see Primus. I can't tell you how many but I had many Captain and cokes, shots of Grey Goose, and Grey Goose and cranberry at the end of the night.
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Get off my lawn, you hooligans!
The libation of choice tonight is nothing... until I get home from school.

How sad is it that I'm at school at 11:20pm on a Sat. night? Someone out there hoist one for me, cause this sucks.

I need Jack Daniel's, and I need it sooon!
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hipster doofus
When I graduated from college, I also graduated from Natty. I'll only drink it when I want to show up my friends who didn't go to college and think they're too good to drink a shitty beer once in a while.
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The Most Power-Drunk
Brammer98 said:
Am I the only poor guy on here that has to resort to Natural Light? Yeah, it gives you the "soupy poopies" but hey, it's cheap ($9.99 a case). Damn, this is ridiculous!
I'm with you Brammer. I'm one of those true alcoholic sicko's that actually likes that stuff. Although, I must say, Natty has never given my bowels any problems. In fact, the only beer that has is that swill known as "Beast". Ugh. Truly disgusting. If I'm at a cookout or party, though, the beer that goes down the best is definitely Natty. Like Mili, I love Guinness and love Black & Tan's (especially made with Bass Ale), however I can only drink 3-4 of them before I'm full. So when an all-night drink fest is on the menu, I bring my case of Natty.

Now, let the insults roll...:biggrin: :cheers:
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It ain't easy, bein' cheesy.
The worst beer I've ever had for the "soupy poopies" is Goebel's. Anybody had it? We used to get it in Michigan when I was in high school- very cheap stuff. Getting drunk on that shit would get you a massive headache and a big trip to the john in the morning....
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Head Coach
Former Game Champion
BuckeyeBri wrote:

FCB: I have had Flat (fat) Tire from the New Belgium Brewing Company. It was alright. How would you rate the other two compared to that one?
<!-- / message -->Fat Tire is hands down their 'flagship' beer. It's very popular around here, and I certainly enjoy a frosty one from time to time, but in my opinion their more 'obscure' beers are much more interesting (and better). The Blue Paddle is a Pilsner-style lager (their only lager) and it tastes very good, esp. on hot spring days :wink: The Loft is an amber ale, much like Fat Tire, but has a lighter body.

I think they've got around 7 beers out at any given time - you should check 'em out at:


If you're ever in Fort Collins, you definately need to take the brewery tour. :)
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Herbie for President
I'm happy to report we drank all the beer Sat. night... granted I couldn't walk (my brother and I decieded to make sure we drank both kegs... and there weren't near as many people as we thought would be in attendance)... I felt like I was in college all over again! Also happy to report I didn't puke that night :biggrin: , granted I did feel like crap in the morning :( ...
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40 Days in the Hole
Thanks for the info guys, I will check out their web site. A brewery tour that sounds great on a hot day like today.

If you ever get a chance to try any of the Bell's beers from the Kalamazoo Brewing Company, I would highlly recommend them. Their summer Oberon with a lemon wedge is scrumpdillyicious.....

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