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What is the Libation of Choice Tonight??


Transfer Portal Phenom
  • It's Friday and I think it is past noon even in Mili's world. So, what is everybody drinking tonight?

    I picked up some Moosehead at the local party store. They had a 12 pack of bottles (taste much better than cans) for $8.99. I haven't had it in a long time and it tastes great.

    I plan on brewing a Cream Ale tomorrow. Got the yeast starting to incubate right now....
    Just a few High Lifes for me tonight. I have to pace myself for 40-40s tomorrow night (we picked up the fifty cases of King Cobra today). I geared up a bit last night with a shot of Jim Beam's Choice and a 40 of OE800. I feel good, Silent Bob.
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    Anyone drink Little Kings Cream Ales anymore. We used to get a case of 7 ouncers, ice them and put them in a nice travel cooler for the beach. You could crank one of them in a quick swallow.

    I haven't found them here in Michigan....go figure...

    Good luck with the triatholon Mili, more power to you...
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    I'll be drinking two of my old favorites tonight - Blue Paddle Pilsner and Loft Ale - both brewed here in town by New Belgium Brewing Co.

    When I'm not drinking bourbon or Crown Royal, it's always NBB for me - it's where the wife works, so we get a case a week for free :biggrin:
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    I am thinking an Anchor Steam, especially since that is the only thing in the fridge.

    How is that Cream Ale?

    Alright, I am going to have to try this beer of Mili's. I finally saw it in the store and am going to pick up some of it.
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    I'm late on this, because it's Sat. morning. Last night was just a bottle of vino with dinner (Edgewood Zinfandel- if you see it, buy it. It's fantastic.). But tonight's a different story. Margaritas and mass quantities of Dos Equis, and I wouldn't be surprised if a shot of tequila or two showed up as well....
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