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What a surprise....PSU looks bad...


It was comical this past week seeing the media masturbate over PSU's amazing offensive performance....against the Zips.

JoePa, get your ass on a boat sailing the ocean and out of this conference before you run your team into the ground deeper than it already is.
hahah, i am getting a mental image of trev alberts standing over a box score with his pants around his ankles, pumping furiously away, his head arched back, his mouth agape as he moans in ecstacy "Oh JoePa.....you've done it again!"
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i have to admit that i may have fallen into the hype over psu....

you have to understand this.....they have talent that is as good as any team in the entire country....

it pains me to say this....but the coaching of this team flat out sucks now....i mean blows....

hell....joepa is older than my dad...and i wont let my dad drive anymore because he stops three times in every intersection because he gets confused.....joe pa needs to step aside....
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The thing that really shocked me was the regression. Bad penalties, crappy special teams, turnovers, couldn't stop the run....might as well have been watching last year's game film. Nothing has changed...which is too bad, because they have the talent to make it work.
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