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Voice of Reason...hopefully....


Screw Blue
Aren't we expecting too much from a team that lost 14 players to the draft? Isn't OSU allowed to have a rebuilding year? Look, I love our Bucks as much as the next guy, and i get a sick feeling in my gut when we lose, but lets face it, this is a rebuilding year. I'll be happy with a winning record and some bright spots to look forward to next year, like Teddy Ginn.

I think that's exactly what happened. We expected to re-load, and instead we're re-building. "But we've got lots of talent", people say- well, yes, we do have a lot of talent, but it's young talent. Give them time to develop, and we'll be kicking some ass next year.

I agree with you, brutus, it sucks to watch us lose. But we're just not as good as we all hoped. A couple of posters have said this in other threads, but remember what Tressel did from his first year to the second- re-build. The result? Champs, baby. We'll be back. Count on it.
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USC doesn't reload. They are on a three year run and absolutely sucked when we were in the top five in the late nineties. Cryami has had their ups and downs, as well. Their offense is fairly anemic this year. I don't think anybody is happy about not contending for the Big Ten or national titles this year, but it's not like the wheels have come off of the program. Hopefully, we continue to improve and beat scUM and then build on that for next year.

We have been fortunate to have a run like few teams experience, but there was no way that could last forever, especially considering how close most of our wins were. By the way, even with the loss of all the players the last two years, I don't think we're re-building. That's what Oklahoma had to do when they sucked shit for more than a few seasons. That's what Georgia had to do when Herschel Walker left. It took them twenty years before they could win another CONFERENCE championship. We are, perhaps, "re-tooling" but the program doesn't need to be re-built.
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The biggest issue I have with "wait 'til next year" is that while we should have a better O and better D, we'll also be starting a true freshman kicker and a first year punter. If we play "Tressel-ball" we'll be lucky if ST doesn't cost us a game or two.
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The biggest issue I have with "wait 'til next year" is next year is that while we should have a better O and better D, we'll also be starting a true freshman kicker and a first year punter. If we play "Tressel-ball" we'll be lucky if ST doesn't cost us a game or two.

True enough- but that's the nature of CFB.... I do think its better to improve in Two Phases and regress in on though... Also... Nothing against Turano... but I doubt we see a big drop off in the punting game.
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Here's my take on the team:

-Zwick might not be lighting the world on fire, but he didn't cost us the game. Take away the Hall fumble on the 23 yard line (that was looking to be our best drive of the day, could have been 6) and the Holmes muffed punt and the score is either very close or we are winning. I feel that Zwick is so afraid to make a mistake that he is trying to make the perfect throw every time. Unfortunately most of them end up being a little too far. I think when he gets out around mid-field he needs to chuck it up and try to let his WR make a play on it deep. A int around the 20 1 or 2 times a game would be acceptable if we complete the pass 4-5 times.
-We have no conventional running game. JT need to watch some NU film and copy what they did to run the ball. Also JT needs to incorporate misdirection in the running game to slow down pursuit.
-We have no playmakers on offense like we have had in the past. Does everyone remember the Wiscy game 2 years ago when CK chucked it up to MJ who jumped over 2 defenders to catch the ball. Who do we have that is capable of doing that? Holmes is too short to fight off guys for the ball like that. Same for Bam and Ginn. Hall has a chance but he has to prove that he has that ability (contrary to common believe the he was the only one who had a chance to catch the bomb in the NU game last week). Zwick tried to give him a shot in the 4th quarter but he wasn't able to make the catch. Hopefully Lyons is the guy or we need to find another MJ type WR.
-Regardless of who the QB is the OL isn't giving the him much time to get the ball off. I feel so bad for Zwick that the fans are treating him like they are. I personally don't think that Smith would be doing any better, and probably would be doing much worse. Unfortunately most fans don't understand that just because Smith didn't get an equal chance in games doesn't mean that JT didn't give him an equal chance to win the job. I hope Zwick goes out against Iowa and lights it up so everyone would see what he is capable of. I just have to ask did he play any worse than CK used to in the game on Saturday? He just doesn't have the weapons or the amazing defense around him that CK had the past 2 years. I worry that if Zwick doesn't have a good game next week Smith will get to start against Indiana, play ok against a bad team, and get to start the rest of the year even if he isn't playing better than Zwick was.
-We really miss Will Smith and Tim Anderson. Those are the 2 reasons that we can't stop the run as well this year. It will be nice to get Fox back next week.
-Why would JT throw the ball on 3rd and 1? Spread it 4 wide and QB sneak if you have to, but don't throw the ball. This is The Ohio State University we have to be able to gain 1 yard on 3rd and 1!!!
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Next year does look good, but with the conference as down as it is, we shouldn't be fighting PSU or Michigan State for the 9th spot in the conference when it's all said and done.

Our worst team should still be competitive in the Big 10. What I don't like is that i think our offensive talent level dictates we should have a fairly decent offense. Look at the players we put in the NFL: 3 on the offensive line, yet our rushing attack last year wasn't good. We need to make some meaningful changes on the offensive front.

What I liked from the last game was that in the first half we showed flashes of creativity and execution. However, in the 2nd, our play calling became much more conservative and execution was much worse. I credit Wiscy for making adjustments, but we are better than -4 in rushing offense in the 2nd half. There is a problem and we need to make a change that refocuses our direction on offense. We are, by far, the worst offense in the Big 10.
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we should be able to have a rebuilding year but as we all know we are expected to win. And we are expected to get the top recruits to make us win.

I think alot of the losses have to be delt with the mentalitly that we have lost 14 players from last season and the players are going to struggle but its just going to make them stronger for the rest of the season


And as long as the players are doing that these losses are going to mean nothing to us when we win another NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in the coming years
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BuckeyeInTheBoro said:
The biggest issue I have with "wait 'til next year" is that while we should have a better O and better D, we'll also be starting a true freshman kicker and a first year punter. If we play "Tressel-ball" we'll be lucky if ST doesn't cost us a game or two.
We also must consider the schedule we have next year. We have @PSU, @Minn, and @scUM. Do you really think we can win all of those away games? When was the last time a buckeye team won at both scUM and PSU?
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