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virus question... need help


Herbie for President
Clarity/Mili/anybody else good with computers,

I have a virus on my home computer (I'm typing this at work) per the anti-virus software... however all it does is tell me I have a virus, it doesn't fix/clean the problem.... I think that the anti-virus software was part of the Dell package when I bought the computer however it drops off after 6 months (it has been over six months since I bought the computer).

Is there any thing I can do to get this thing out of my computer? I don't know if there is a way to have the computer "clean" itself or what....?

Please advise
Try using the system restore function on your computer(I'm assuming you have XP. )
Go to the Start menu
then to programs
then to accessories
then to system tools
then to system restore

It's pretty easy to use, simpley select a date from before you got the virus. You won't lose anything like pitures, word files etc..

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I can't say for certain that this will work. Even if it does you need to have up to date virus protection software on your system. Norton or Mcafee are both reletively inexpensive packages and easy to use. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
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gb, does it tell you which virus it is?

With that I can probably find you a link that details step by step how to do a clean removal.

I personally recommend Norton Antivirus, but everyone has their own opinion. I prefer Norton because it also covers incoming and outgoing email and instant messagers, has an auto updater for new virus defs (most do), and it's simply the one I'm most familiar with.

I'll say this though, if you install anything new down the road, don't just install it over your old one whether it was Norton, McAfee or something else. Fully remove the old, then install the new.
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Norton is what I had, but again it was for only 6 months...

The I don't recall the exact name of the virus, however it started with the words Trojan... Don't know if that helps or not Clarity...

I basically can not gain access to the internet at home... outside of that it seems to work fine (excel and word don't seem to have any problems)...
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