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Silent AND Deadly!!!
Ok, ok, ok. I know. Why do I let the 2 stooges (Trev Alberts and Mark May) get to me? Anyway, I was in Columbus today before the game and watching the College Gameday stuff on tv in the hotel. OF COURSE, Mr. May has to PICK the upset of the day being Cinci over OSU. C'mon, now. How far will he go to let everyone know of his dislike for the Scarlet and Grey? Like it's not obvious. I mean, from the Nat'l Championship year, he bet on us to lose every game yadda, yadda, yadda. Anyway, I picked MSU to lose to Rutgers. How'd May get his job? Trev didn't pick an upset, But he didn't disagree either, therefore, he's guilty by associaton because we all know he thinks the same way. AND if LSU bites it to Or. State, -- whatever... I REALLY don't care at all about those so-called experts. Exception: Herbie (of course). At least he doesn't let his bias' influence his expertise and shoot it out to the masses. He HAS picked against his alma mater, but when he did it had SOME logic to it. Reality; he actually does his homework and takes his job seriously as a sports "ANALYST". I think all Trev and Mark do is discuss stuff on gameday 5 minutes before showtime and SHOUT out the OBVIOUS and try to pass it off to me as if I know nothing. Really, the only reason I will watch them is because, occasionally, Herbie will be part of the discussion and he makes them look like the idiots they are.
So, sorry i went off like this, but I had all day to stew about it. Thanks
May does put the 'anal' in analyst, but Trev doesn't take himself any more serious than we as fans do. He's just there to have fun, and get people riled up. He even admitted last year that he goes out of his way to clown around and build up controversy with his comments, and looking at Corso's career, I can understand why Trev would think that good or bad publicity doesn't matter as long as people are talking about you. But on May, I agree, he's pathetic. At least Alberts can be entertaining, and you have to give him some respect for being a former Husker. How was Pitt when May was there?
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tru dat - tru dat... that is, about Trev. However, I just get the feeling that he's scared of May and -- well, I look at it like this; if Saturday Night Live did a skit on those 2 you would see Mark wide eyed and STUPID-tailed and Trev would just be sitting there going, "Yup...yup... I have no idea what I'm saying but I get paid well for it -- wait, what am I doing here?". Anyway, I'm sure they'll piss me off for next week too. ...all in stride. NINJA -- OUT!
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