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US Apologize to Iraqi's for errors


BAGHDAD, Iraq, March 16 — Nearly a year ago, Ali Kadem Hashem watched his wife burn to death and his three children die after an American missile hit his house.

Last week, he got $5,000 from the United States government and an "I'm sorry" from a young captain. Mr. Hashem sat for a few moments staring at the stack of bills, crisp $100's. "Part of me didn't want to take it," he said. "It was an insult." But the captain, Jonathan Tracy, insisted. "A few thousand dollars isn't going to bring anybody back," he explained later. "But right now, it's all we can do."

It has been nearly a year since the war in Iraq started but American military commanders are just now reckoning with the volume of civilian casualties streaming in for assistance. Twice a week, at a center in Baghdad, masses of grief-weary Iraqis line up, some on crutches, some disfigured, some clutching photographs of smashed houses and silenced children, all ready to file a claim for money or medical treatment. It is part of a compensation process devised for this war.Outside the room where the captain was saying he was sorry, a long line of people waited. One was Ayad Bressem, a 12-year-old boy scorched by a cluster bomb. His face is covered by ugly blue freckles. Children call him "Mr. Gunpowder."

"I just want something," the burned boy said.
"Come back later," a guard told him. "You'll get some money. But we're busy."
Thanks George


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No what's funny is the fact that you act as if the picture of a dead kid held up to defend your political beleifs is the moral equivalent of pictures comparing George Bush to the Cat in the Hat and Roscoe P. Coltrane.
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Let me get this straight. Somebody posts a thread about a man whose family ACCIDENTALY got blown up in US military action against Sadaam Hussein. This grives you so deeply that your response is to post dump pictures of Bush.

I post a picture of a boy who was murdered in cold blood without any provaction whatsoever, on PURPOSE, by the man who we removed from power. That's "tasteless". Yeah, whatever. That picture comes from a website that is run by a Kurdish group to show people the horrors of what living under Saddam Hussein were. Tell them they're tasteless to put that picture up there, while you mock Bush because he did something about it.

This is not about WMD or whatever. I don't care whether you think we should have gone to war or not. The fact is that the removal of Sadaam Hussein from power is a good thing, just like the removal of Hitler was a good thing, just like the death of Stalin was a good thing, and just like the future potential falls of Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro, Red China, the Ayatollah, etc. will be a good thing. But your response to a few innocent people accidentally being killed in a war that removed the man who did THAT to people is to post stupid pictures of Bush. If that makes me "tasteless", I could not be prouder.
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And posting pictures of GWB as a fool after reading a somber story about a man's family getting blown up is? I can just imagine this poor Iraqi guy reading this thread and seeing that your response to his tragedy is to post dumb pictures. I'm sure "tasteful" would just jump right into his head.
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I find nothing tasteless with Nixon's post. What I find tasteless about this thread is the hatred spewing about a President who chooses to lead instead of waiting until we all get our asses blown away by terrorists. Jokes are one thing, and I thought the pics were humerous, but it is the pure hatred behind them that really is nauseating.

To remind you, this is what our President has prevented:

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