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UF OL Ronnie "Taz" Wilson (official thread)


I think we need to start a Thread on Wilson. Although Bollman told me he will only have 2 o-line rides to give and one of them has already been layed out, based on the Camp he might get an offer.

He is knocking the crap out of everyone. Some kids won't go against him in drills.

330+ (scale at camp does not go higher) runs a sub 5.0 40. and benches 430.

We have the Sr. combine today, so lets see how he does.
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Info from Buckskin86

Ronnie Wilson



Offensive guard
Pompano Beach (FL)

Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 331 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.4 seconds
Bench reps: 19
Vertical leap: 27 inches
3.5 grade point average and a 960 score on the SAT test- full qualifier
NIKE Combine at UM stats: 27-inch vertical jump, a 5.4/40 time, and he did 19 reps on the 185-pound bench press.


One of the state's best returning offensive lineman, Wilson was a second team All-State pick and first team All-County selection as a junior. He was a full qualifier midway through his junior year.

HH, what do you think our chances of landing him are if we do in fact offer?
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Based on stats alone, he is not very impressive. 5.4 in the 40 and only 19 reps of 185 lbs is not what the new Buckeye O-line should be made up of. (I know a friend who did 15 reps at 185 lbs...he weights 135lbs!) However, if he makes plays on the field and that HH is impressed with him, then we can throw those stats/numbers out of the window.
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That 5.4 40 number is a little outdated considering HH said Wilson ran a sub 5.0 40 at camp. That said, 40 times for OL are overrated. How many times does an offensive lineman have to run 40 yards to make a block? I'd rather hear what his shuttle time is and how good is footwork is.
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I would assume Bemoll is the other OL that we're going hardest after.
Yeah, that's my assumption, as well. He should be visiting campus soon, and we should know by the end of the summer whether OSU is still on his list. However, HH might know of some other OL who have impressed the staff.
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Naplesbuckeye said:
This kid already reminds me of Bryce Bishop......19 reps at 185 is nothing.

It could be just that the kid has bad form. A rep isn't counted unless it is done with perfect form. The kid could be putting the bar up 50 times but if he's sloppy in doing it only 19 would count.
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It kind of amazes me that HH gets real exicted about this guy, and states he ran a sub 5.0 while benching 430 lbs, and pretty soon we're talking about a 5.4 and only 19 reps of 185. I going with HH's assessment, since he is actually at the camp and knows this kid, and hope things work out for the Bucks.
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