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Ah yes, I'm sure we'll see future articles about the downfall of amateur athletics caused by the likes of Tom Osborne, Bobby Bowden, Jimmy Johnson, Dennis Erickson, Bear Bryant....Oh wait, no we won't. I forgot that if you're a coach with a team that scores a lot of points and/or from the South where football is played like it "should be" with all that speed, you are exempt. My bad.
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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My e-mail to Zimmerman:

What a totally uninformed buffoon you are. If you had done any research--any research at all--you would have found that not only the NCAA find Tressel completely unaware of and uninvolved with Issac's relations with boosters at YSU, but they also commended him for his voluntary self-investigation. That's right, I said voluntary. The NCAA's statute of limitations for those sorts of actions had passed and Tressel could've told the NCAA to go pound sand, but he didn't. Additionally, Isaac testified in a federal trial against said booster, under oath, that Tressel had absolutely now knowledge of Issac's relations. The NCAA again found Tressel and his institution (this time, Ohio State) totally devoid of any wrong-doing in the Clarett saga last year. Did you see any sanctions or punishment handed out by the NCAA to Ohio State...any at all? Tressel is as clean as they come. Maybe you back woods swamp rats down there in Bayou land and SEC country think paying players in the norm, but we don't play that up here.
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Goal Goal USA!
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:slappy: excellent. Lack of swearing is OK because it was sent to a "professional", and i use that term very loosely. Can't wait to see the reply
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Capo Regime
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The lack of cursing makes this a borderline Mili-Bomb...perhaps just a Mili-Flareup. However, I was impressed with the swamp rat comment and the overal threatening, yet professional tone of the letter.
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This article is further proof that some of these media outlets will hire anyone. Man, did I fuck up in choosing a career. I could be writing about sports for a living.

Of course, that douchebag probably doesn't make much money.
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BuckeyeNation27 said:
Del Boca Vista

:2004: i wish i wouldve caught that before i sent you positive rep, i wouldve dinged you :slappy:

I thought of you when I posted that. I wasn't sure, but I knew the resident Seinfeld expert would be able to correct me. Thanks :)
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