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Tress weighs in today on CK & SM


“Craig Krenzel, barring any medical (problems), will be our starting quarterback. But the thing I like about our situation is it is becoming more obvious that Scott McMullen can contribute as well. I’m sure if the situation is right that that will happen on Saturday and both Craig and Scott will have a chance to help this football team.”

What do you guys think? What happens on Saturday?
I think that McMullen is--for the lack of a better term--"winning over" Tressel with his play. Look at what he's done since last year. He's never had a bad game (again, since last year...this doesn't include the 2001 Illinois fiasco). Last year he was 25-31-0 (80.6%) for 315 yards and 2 TDs. This year he's 43-62-2 (69.4%) for 507 yards and 5 TDs. That makes him 68-93-2 (73.1%) for 822 yards and 7 TDs over the last two seasons. He's averaged just under 9 yards per attempt, which if I recall correctly is a damn good average. His 7/2 TD/INT ratio ain't bad either.

The offense has looked good whenever he's been in there, and I think Tressel would like to "ween" him into the offense over the last few games of the year, as to not be "disloyal" to Krenzel.

Krenzel, when he's on, is an outstanding overall QB. When he's on his normal accuracy (around 60%), he's an excellent QB, But when he's off (ala SDSU and most of the Wisconsin game), our offense just dies. Craig has superb confidence, but when does finally get rattled, he never seems to regain composure. Last year, I never really saw him rattled, but since he threw that pick on the first play of the SDSU game, he seems vulnerable to getting rattled by a couple bad plays.

If there were some way we could keep Krenzel at his top confidence, then I'd start him in a heartbeat and keep him in. But as soon as I see a hint of him being rattled, in goes McMullen. That's how I'd do it...and maybe Tressel could be thinking along the same lines.
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I've been a huge advocate of CK. For Christ's sake he got us a NC after 34 years and was MVP of the game. It was easy to jump on his bandwagon also being 2-0 vs dUMb.

The way that I'm seeing it now, CK was a dangerous performer with a running game to set up the passing game. Now that we have been grossly exposed as having no running game, it's time to become a passing team. CK's confidence does seem to be shot, he actually looks lost at times. Plus, the long pass just isn't his thing. Yea, he threw the perfect ball at Purdue. But, how many sure TD passes has he Over/Under thrown over the past year. Gamble in the Fiesta may have sealed that game in the third quarter. His overthrow to Carter at Wisky is overlooked by the fact that Drew made a great catch and the drive resulted in a TD. Who knows? From what I've seen this year, I think the "team" plays better with McM in the game, seem more "fired up" much the way the Browns do with Kelly Holcomb in the game.

I think we beat scuMSU this week with either at the helm. But, In some weird way I almost hope McM outperforms CK this week and gets the nod vs. Purdue and dUMb. I think he gives us the better shot at winning those games.
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large I'd rather see the ball thrown all over the
field than I would two running plays, an incompletion, then a
punt. Some of you will remember my thread early in the season when I pushed for more playing time for Scott. I read Craig's
comments when he found out that Scott was going to get some
playing time. Maybe it's my memory, but I don't remember Scott
complaining for almost two years. :cheers:
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I think Tressel would like to "ween" him into the offense over the last few games of the year, as to not be "disloyal" to Krenzel.

agreed- CK is a leader on the team and JT respects that-I agree that he has gradually introduced the idea that SM would be the starter- Now you are starting to see other team leaders accepting McMullen as the potential starter. Hartsock commented after the game that he felt McMullen might be the best guy right now. Hartsock is one of CK's best friends on the team. So I think the "weening" process has been happening and more of the players are beginning to accept this as a possible reality.
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I think Tress is handling the situation very well. CK probably deserves the start but he should clearly be on a short leash. In a way I hope we don't have to see McMullen for any significant time Saturday but he definitely deserves some PT.
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