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ESPN ran an article discussing the toughest sport with the nerv, agility
endurance etc. as determining factors. What would be the toughest sport that you played and how would you rank them.

Personal preference (with wrestling being my favorite sport of all) but I would rank my top three.


With the Tour de France the toughest sporting event.
i agree with the tour de france as a ridiculous sporting event....three weeks of riding a hundred miles a day....sometimes straight up mountains that a normal person couldnt even bike 1/4 mile......

how about australian rules football as tough....not saying its the toughest, but it is tough...

davis love III just called me and said a normal person cannot imagine how difficult it is to put up with a cell phone ringing or a single vociferous fan on the course.....
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I would have to agree with Clarity about lacrosse.

Lacrosse is probably the most demanding. The contact of football, but with the constant running and coordination of soccer.

I've never played rugby, but it looks pretty rough too.
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It depends upon your definition of "tough". If tough means physically injurious and dangerous, then you'd have to put Austrailian Rules football and rugby at the top, with kickboxing right behind them. If tough means physically demanding and draining, then Ironman triathlons is your answer.
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