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Tough practices, Superman, State of the Planet


Will Bryant
Staff member
Just a quick post to say 'hi', let any interested know I'm still kicking around, and to relay a story I was told;

I guess some of the conditioning drills at practices/workouts have been tougher than ever before this year. One player entering his third year described a scene during a running drill where every single person (save one) was falling out towards the end, gasping, puking, flopping over, etc. The one? Maurice. Apparently he is really "wowing" some of his teammates with what some describe as super-human conditioning. Their point is not that the team is out of shape, but that Mo is bigger, stronger, faster, and has more wind.

I still have what seems to be a minority (and somewhat controversial) opinion of Maurice. Which is simply that as much as I love to see him run, there are parts of his developing personality, demeanor and attitude that don't jibe with my Doss, Peterson or Krenzel-driven mental image of the "perfect" Buckeye. While maintaining the notion that I could see scenarios play out in which I wouldn't be as sorry to see Mo go as I might some other players, I can also very happily and enthusiastically state that I can NOT wait to see him take the field this Fall.

Re: this site/project. I still intend to try and see it through, but I find myself wondering sometimes if I'm driven to "fan"sites because I enjoy them, or merely because I'm addicted to the interactivity. If it's the latter, do I really need the headache of a project I'm responsible for? I'm inclined to think I spend so much time on them because I really enjoy them and what they offer (including the interaction), and therefore devoting time and energy to this monster stat project will be a happy pursuit. Even if so though, should I bother having a forum here at all? Raw stats, no community -- less headache. I like the community side of things though, and in many ways it's nice to drop some comments (like those above about practice and Maurice), without being bombarded with outrage from the easily offended because of some little thing or another ... you know, I'm totally rambling right now, aren't I?

Bottom line is that I still fully expect and intend to see this site through to completion. By "this site" I really mean the stats engine. If the forum picks up as a byproduct of the main effort, then great. If it doesn't, then great. Honestly, I don't care. There are enough people here now that I know if I say something, it will be seen by those I normally want to see my posts at some point. Be that a couple days, or a week -- whatever. That's good enough at present (for me anyway), at least in the off-season, so anything better than that is just gravy.

Rambling again...

Hopefully I'm back online more soon. Don't take anything herein too seriously, I've forgotten how to post properly (did I ever know?) and the last 3-4 weeks have been worthy of a bad made-for-tv movie, so I'm not quite back "on my game" yet.
I would venture to say that Mo C is tired of hearing that he cannot play a full season of football and wants to prove them wrong. He sounds like he is really working to keep his stamina up and that will only help him avoid injuries. When your boby is still strong at the end of the game you are not as likely to let up and get hurt. I would love to see what he could do with an entire season to work with. That would be something special.
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Glad things are on the upswing for you Clarity. I can't wait for the stats side of things to hit the ground running. Mo sounds like he's out to prove somethings about himself ... GREAT NEWS. As for his attitude I believe he'll mature. Being around class people like Jim Tressel, Tim Spencer and the like can only help him.

Don't worry about the fan board side, it'll take care of itself. Progress may be slow at the moment but once the stats are online and football season hits things will start picking up.

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I think we're all just a little tired of the slow offseason.
We're(at least I am) looking forward to fall practice like a kid at Christmas.

On practice starts, these boards will hit on more than a
cheap Vegas hooker(not that I know anything about that). Maybe I should say hit on more than Cody Pickett will be on the evening
of August 30th.

Go Bucks!!!!!
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I don't have any idea how much time it takes to keep a forum like this up, and I haven't contributed anything to it yet, (as with my "real life" I'm more of a listener (reader) than talker).

However, I do want to say that I appreciate having this forum as an alternative to the more commercial sites.

Thanks for putting in the work to get this going. I'm sure that as the season approaches the traffic will go up.
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If Clarett stays fully healthy this year, we won't lose a game.

C-Dog: I think this site is a great idea, and it's slowly but continually growing. There'll be plenty of that interactivity you like, along with the freedom of having your own site to put the stats that you want, too. Keep up the great work!
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Speaking of rabid commercialism (and don't take this as a rip on what most of us call our home away from home) but I just went over to glance around at what was going on elsewhere, and was greeted by all new pops (for golf?) and then gigantic banners with big obnoxious (creepy) eyeballs staring out at me.

Is that something really new? Or has it all been around for a while?


Thanks Mils, hopefully we can get that back end together (I'll soon have the means to get that done through traditional means, if it can't happen through grassroots), then that original crew can all get busy on data entry and layout.
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Glad you continue to improve Coach. It's no fun being under the weather for sure. I'm sure things will pick up here as the season draws closer. Sometimes I think I must have bad breath or something because many times I'll come over here and I'm the only one on the board!!!!!!!!! I'm sure that will change in the near future though.

On a side note: has anyone figured out why none of the moving avatars that 3 yards posted on the test board work when used in other posts? Whenever I try to use one instead of getting the avatar itself all I see in the post is the link for the avatar. I know I'm putting it in correctly but it won't dispay correctly. Anyone got any ideas or suggestions. Not that avatars are that big of a deal but 3 years has some pretty cool ones that I would love to be able to use.
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The golf thing is new today (I think)...

Good to hear you're getting better... if things continue to improve for you, I'm sure a move up north will come sooner than one might think.

The site is great!! I've found myself not really careing about most of the posts "back home" so I haven't been posting to often over there. I try and check in here on a daily basis (sometimes I don't get a chance to get over here though...), not a bunch of volume as far as posts are concerned, however I know the personalities, and we don't have a lot of "junk threads" to deal with over here.

This is a good combination with BN...

Thanks for all your work... I for one enjoy this board (and will enjoy the stats when it is up and running as well :biggrin: ), and request that you don't shut it down (unless it is just too much work for you, however there seems to be enough guys on this board that know about computer stuff, that they should be able to help you out, when problems occur)...

Thanks again (oh, and the fantacy leage will prob. get going in a month or so, Killer Nut has agreed to take care of that for us)...
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After "diggin around" and reading a few old threads I found this and thought others might find it interesting as I did:

Clarity's insights on MoC (original post), especially at a time he specifically looks poised to become the 'Superman' he labels him in the thread title, are the first thing that jumps out at you (me)...and it seemed to me like an appropriate 'piece' to add to the Clarett thread if someone with the capability thinks so as well.

But I also found it very interesting (brought a smile to my face) to read comments such as "if the Forum picks up as a byproduct of the main effort", "I must have bad breath because many times I'll come here and I'm the only one on the board!!!!", and "Don't worry about the fan board side, it'll take cae of itself" by all the 'Founding Fathers' of the Planet. Great stuff! P.S. Who's the guy (buckguy) who has been here from almost the beginning yet still only has like 3 posts? :tongue2:

Anyway, like I said, I thought Clarity's post had some great relevance and a place in the MoC thread (kind-of a wrap-up to the saga...'oh Lord, please let this be the end') But it also almost seems a shame to put the other great 'stuff' in with Reecie and the ultimate downer that his name has become as related to tOSU and sport figure failure / unrealized potential itself.

Anyway, do with it what you wish.

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