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Tough break...thought I'd share


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Doctor tells me I'll be out 6-12 weeks now. By the way, that's a right ankle.
This sucks.

ArtilleryBuck... take it directly from the voice of experience... a break in that spot demands you pay careful and strict attention to the rehab... that knob that broke is a major stabilizer for the ankle... if you try to go too fast and any addl space is created during the healing, the looseness in that joint can start arthritis which in turn loosens the joint further which in turn creates more arthritis... take this one slow bro... any questions PM me... I know it all too well...
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iambrutus said:
BTW...how did this happen?
We were playing basketball when this big clumsy MF'r got tripped up and fell into the side of my leg below the knee. My foot stayed planted and leg bent over and I heard it snap like a chicken bone. Basically like getting clipped. Wish I could get the special attention from the wife, but family is back in the States. But, they are planning to come over on the 9th of November, so I'll get some then.
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