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tOSU vs. Michigan State, Sun 3/9 @ 4:30pm ET, CBS

...can they get some magic back?

No, he has no more eligibility.

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Two teams that look to have a lot worse prospects than they did after 10 games...can they get some magic back?

I'd say MSU could but I just don't expect much out of this OSU squad the rest of the season. Winning this game would be a good cap to the careers of the Seniors and something they could look back and remember fondly, and since the tourney games aren't likely to go very well then that makes this game even more important. So it is a big game even though nothing else really is at stake.
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I could make this game a very easy victory for Ohio State by just putting down some vcash on MSU to win. I did it to Iowa yesterday against Illinois so I probably can jinx anyone. I just cannot bring myself to putting money on MSU and I definitely will not put money on Ohio State. That would make it too easy for Sparty.
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