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tOSU vs. Iowa, Sun 1/12 @ 1:30p ET, CBS

I really can't believe we lost this game up 9 on a 4 on 1 fast break and screwed that up and most of the rest of the game. We went from a last second lay up from beating MSU on the road to losing at home and falling to 2-2 and pretty much falling out of the Big 10 title race now I mean we have to go to Wisky, Iowa, Illinois still and still have to play MSU at home.
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Scott shooting 3's, just not a good thing.

Has Scott had a game where he didn't score since his freshman year? He's the only one that's played who hasn't scored.

Craft and Ross has 11 turnovers between them.

They are shooting 6 for 19 from 3. The sad part is this is only slightly below their season average.

They have been out-rebounded by 8 so far, 39-31

You won't win any games playing like that. a lot of that was Iowa playing very well, but a lot of that was Ohio State illustrating how limited they are on offense.
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Yuck. Second bad game in a row, both for Aaron Craft and for the team.

The team looked to me to be anxious and pressing. Lots of fumble fingers today, uncharacteristic for such a veteran squad.

I don't think it's time to panic, but Matta definitely has some things to work on with this team.
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