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2022 tOSU Recruiting Discussion

Discussion in 'Football Recruiting' started by HotMic, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. JCOSU86

    JCOSU86 Go Bucks! Staff Member

    Ped here? Is this PSU?
  2. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.


    Total Commits: 13

    Headliners: 5-star QB Quinn Ewers, 5-star CB Jaheim Singletary, 5-star LB C.J. Hicks and 5-star WR Caleb Burton

    After signing the nation's No. 2-ranked recruiting class in 2021, Ryan Day and his assistants are trying to finish this cycle with the nation's top-ranked class. The Buckeyes have arguably the top 2022 player committed in Ewers and have already assembled a strong support cast of skill players to surround him. While Ohio State isn't done recruiting the offensive side of the ball, a majority of the remaining uncommitted targets play defense. That group includes five-star defensive linemen Walter Nolen and Shemar Stewart along with blue-chip safeties Zion Branch and Xavier Nwankpa.










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  3. Buckeye86

    Buckeye86 I do not choose to discuss it

    The 2022 dline class seems to be shaping up nicely, with the top targets clearly identified.

    Hero Kanu
    #82 composite, #13 DL

    Birm said he thought Kanu would be in the class following him camping at Ohio State in June. He seemed like a player that connected strongly with LJ Sr. and became a priority based on his workout and attitude.

    Caden Curry
    #88 composite, #15 DL

    Has been a top target for Ohio State for awhile and the Buckeyes seem to be the front runner. He did visit in June where he felt like a “priority” but the recruitment has been mostly quiet with a lot of the other guys on this list getting the most recent attention. Hopefully that’s not an indication of any lost momentum and Ohio State can wrap things up here.

    Chris McClellan
    #160 composite, #25 DL

    Had a great visit to Ohio State where there is a ton of positive momentum. It feels like a commitment is likely coming this week to get things rolling as the first domino in the DL class.

    Shemar Stewart
    #7 composite, #3 DL

    He camped and things seemed to go well for Ohio State, but this still seems like a long shot at best. The question to me is if Ohio State waits for him, possibly impacting the other guys on the board.

    Omari Abor
    #23 composite, #5 DL

    Main competition seems to be Oklahoma, but he is relatively quiet and it’s hard to get a strong read on where he is at in his process, but it feels like Ohio State is in a strong position and has at least as good of a shot here as anyone else.

    Enai White
    #39 composite, #2 edge

    Wasn’t really a realistic option until his visit where Ohio State seemed to make up a lot of ground. It will still be a tough pull from the SEC but after the visit it feels like Ohio State has a chance.

    Kenyatta Jackson
    #76 composite, #5 edge

    He’s reportedly a package deal with currently committed Ryan Turner, but the question seems to be whether Ohio State would take him and possibly lose a spot in the class for one of the other three targets listed. It’s a good problem to have, and if Ohio State manages to secure 2/4 of these DEs (along with the DTs) that would be a crazy good class.
  4. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

  5. Buckeye86

    Buckeye86 I do not choose to discuss it

    How did I do?? :lol:

  6. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member Tech Admin Bookie

  7. Buckeye86

    Buckeye86 I do not choose to discuss it

    Kojo Antwi is announcing his decision on Monday. Feels like the word on that decision may be out already to Samson, who was hoping for the fourth WR spot in Ohio State’s class.
  8. Buckeye86

    Buckeye86 I do not choose to discuss it

    So, this is looking like a pretty realistic projection for Ohio State’s ‘22 class

    Quinn Ewers
    #1, #1 QB

    Jaheim Singletary
    #13, #5 CB

    CJ Hicks
    #18, #2 LB

    Omari Abor
    #23, #5 DL

    Caleb Burton
    #33, #3 WR

    Gabe Powers
    #38, #3 LB

    Zion Branch
    #49, #4 S

    Xavier Nwankpa
    #54, #5 S

    Earnest Greene
    #57, #2 IOL

    Terrance Brooks
    #58, #8 CB

    Kaleb Brown
    #60, #5 WR

    Kenyatta Jackson
    #76, #5 EDGE

    Hero Kanu
    #82, #13 DL

    Caden Curry
    #88, #15 DL

    Kam Dewberry
    #101, #10 OT

    Addison Nichols
    #103, #3 IOL

    Kojo Antwi
    #115, #16 WR

    Jyaire Brown
    #120, #13 CB

    Kyion Grayes
    #151, #21 WR

    Chris McClellan
    #160, #25 DL

    Tegra Tshabola
    #185, #20 OT

    Dallen Hayden
    #235, #24 RB

    Benji Gosnell
    #319, #13 TE

    Bennett Christian
    #347, #14 TE

    Ryan Turner
    #372, #35 CB

    Kye Stokes
    #418, #36 ATH (S)
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  9. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member Tech Admin Bookie

    Hmmm, maybe. I don't have any positive vibes on Antwi being in this class. Maybe Samson just wanted to lock up a spot somewhere, then hope Ohio State offered him down the road.
  10. MistaBohmbastic

    MistaBohmbastic Sophmore

    This crossed my mind as well. Certainly hope it’s the case, but if it weren’t for Samson’s announcement, just about everywhere I had looked he was trending elsewhere
  11. bucknut502

    bucknut502 Senior

    This is a championship class. I’d bet on it!
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  12. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

    The term "negative recruiting" gets thrown around a lot these days. In general, this occurs when a program uses something against another when battling for a top prospect. It could be gossip about a coach supposedly retiring soon – something that's been used against Larry Johnson for 5+ years now – or a position group being loaded which could make it challenging for a prospect to see the field.

    Truth be told, "negative recruiting" simply is recruiting. If Ohio State's coaching staff didn't tout its defensive back production against another school's, then they'd really be doing a disservice to themselves on the recruiting trail. This type of thing happens with every school in America, and it'd be silly not to use it to your advantage. Are the retirement rumors a little stale and lame? Absolutely. But it's a cutthroat business and it's not stopping anytime soon.
  13. buchtelgrad04

    buchtelgrad04 Pain is an opinion.

    The lowest ranked recruit (who has offers from most of the big boys) is arguably the best athlete in the class.
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  14. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    HotMic’s Hunch July Edition

    QB: Quinn Ewers
    RB: Dallan Hayden
    WR: Caleb Burton
    WR: Kyion Grayes
    WR: Kaleb Brown
    WR: Kojo Antwi
    TE: Bennett Christian
    TE: Benji Gosnell
    OL: Tegra Tshabola

    OL: Earnest Greene
    OL: Aamil Wagner
    OL: Kam Dewberry

    DL: Caden Curry
    DL: Hero Kanu
    DL: Chris McClellan
    DL: Omari Abor
    LB: CJ Hicks
    LB: Gabe Powers
    DB: Jyaire Brown
    DB: Jaheim Singletary
    DB: Kye Stokes
    DB: Ryan Turner
    DB: Terrance Brooks

    DB: Xavier Nwankpa
    DB: Zion Branch

    I really wanted to include Kenyatta Jackson, but I had to cap it at 25.
  15. cmstophe

    cmstophe Renewal

    That would be another absurd class.

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