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tOSU @ Iowa, Tues 2/4 @ 7p ET, ESPN/ESPN2

Fran and his staff are a helluva group. The team ran some double screens for the first time against Wiscy and Iowa was prepped for that formation. The B1G basketball group is solid as long as the recruiting is there.

Also, nice win I did not expect but will gladly take.
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I'm really impressed with how this team has responded the last two games. I had declared them "dead in the water" following the State Penn fiasco, figuring that was the final straw.

Never underestimate Thad Matta (need a Matta face emoticon).

Go Bucks!
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Remaining schedule looks good. We could go on a tear entering the B1G tournament. Glad to see Amir score some points, hopefully he took a step forward tonight

Yes, the schedule is favorable to OSU down the stretch. Only 3 road games left, one of them a game you expect to see OSU win (@PSU, granted no game seems to be one you can pencil in as a W this year, though), and the other 2 road games are ones that you would like to think are easier than the two they just won (@IU and @ ILL). 3 road games and 5 at home down the stretch.
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This was another great road win for OSU. Too bad they already had a couple losses they shouldn't have had, or they'd be in good position to contend for the B1G with the schedule the way it is down the stretch.
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Just watched the game. I thought they would win. The rot really started with the Iowa loss. It had to end there. I think that they can win out, butbonly if Craft shows the commitment he showed last night. In my mind, he was the core difference maker. Love the way they heckled him...brought out yhe best in him.
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