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tOSU -12.5 at Indiana (ov/un 138.5) Fri 6 ET, ESPN2

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Kevin Warren is an ass
I think someone needs to buy Crean a comfortable pair of shoes for tonight's game because he is going to be doing quite a bit of pacing in front of his bench tonight. Certainly glad he does not sweat much.
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Kevin Warren is an ass
Game Preview


? Matchup to watch: Indiana coach Tom Crean threatened to start five guards and switch on every screen after his big men defended the high pick-and-roll so poorly in a loss to Penn State on Monday. Ohio State might try to exploit that early, with Jared Sullinger screening and rolling and Dallas Lauderdale drawing his man out of the lane.

? Notable: Ohio State has won four straight games against Indiana, its longest win streak vs. the Hoosiers since a five-game run from 1968 to '70. The Buckeyes opened their Big Ten schedule on New Year's Eve the past two years, also, beating Iowa in 2008 and losing at Wisconsin last year. Indiana has lost three games in a row. Penn State shot 53.8 percent from the field and attempted 18 more free throws than the Hoosiers on Monday.
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Z --> Z^2 + c
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buckeyemania11;1844510; said:
I predict PAIN for the Hoosiers
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