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TN WR Trey Knox (Arkansas Signee)

MD Buckeye

BP Soft Verbal
Staff member
BP Recruiting Team
Former BPCFFB II Champ
Former FF League III Champ
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Blackman HS (Murfreesboro, TN)
Ht: 6'4"
Wt: 190 lbs
Class: 2019 (High School)

Visited this weekend & was offered during his visit.
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Knox has been up front about his affinity for the Buckeyes. They are one of the two schools he’s followed for a long time and that he’s had serious interest in. The other? The Florida Gators. He believes there is a good chance his recruitment boils down to those two schools, though he’s trying to be diligent.

“It is very likely it comes down to those two,” he said. “But, I am trying to keep my mind and eyes open to every school.”
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