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Pig on a wing
I don't know about everyone else but I am tired of hearing about Choklahoma. The last three years they have been ranked either number 1 or 2 and they don't fall until they loose. All I see that they do year in and year out to deserve this is beat the hell out of some pansy ass teams (Houston, N Texas) beat Texas and then choke it up twice to a couple of mid-to-bottom tier "little" 12 teams. All I heard about last year was how this was the best team in NCF history and all they did was get blown away by a Kansas State team that OSU manhandled. I think there are other teams that are more deserving of the hype and praise (LSU, I know they struggled ... but they are still defending champs, and they still won) Anyone see anything in these jokers that I don't?
Thats actuallly what inspired the blog I wrote... (the one mandel stole from me[i will exact my revenge]) its retarded. I am hoping with mike in arizona the sooners oh so overrated defense will crash and burn.
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JohnnyCockfight said:
How did Oklahoma finish above us in the polls last year again? Were the pollsters listening to Trev and Mark or something?
I don't know where I heard or read it but Oklahoma is either the first team to lose their last two games in a season and finish in the top five or it hasn't happened in a very long time.
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When Bob Stoops was defensive co-ordinator at Florida, Steve Spurrier then the head coach was dropping this kids name all over the southeast how this kid was going to be a terrific head coach someday. So the press and media picked up on this real quick and he started turning some heads. As you well know Oklahoma holds the record for 47 games in a row back in 1957 or 56. This was a big thing back then and it still remains an item to expound upon in todays media world. And in todays world of colledge football that record is never gonna be broken.

But to some believers they still think its going to happen. Bob Stoops when hired at Oklahoma, then all head were turned in that direction to see what he would create. He choose a little kid named Josh Hypell to lead them to fame and his defensive strategys worked hand in glove with the people he brought into make it work. And we they beat the "Almighty" Bobby Bowdens FSU football team in the 2000 N/C game, well that was the icing on the cake and it lifted Oklahoma back to national prominence where the news media and journalists thought they should be. And the way they beat Florida State was huge news down here in Florida. His defensive magic was lifted up as no other in the country. Again he was young and good looking, spoke with eloquence and his freshness was surley captured and embraced by the pollsters and news media. Its just like anything else in our sportsworld. The news media creates a Pied pyper and everybody follows along.

The same with Michigan after Bo Schembechler brought "Woody" to his knees in november of 1969. And before all that occured Ohio State was known as the team of the century and could not be beaten. We had the "Super Sophmores" back then and it all came crashing down on November 24th 1969. I was part of that era. Even then the press was hailing Ohio State as the next team to break Oklahoma's win streak of 47. We were the darlings then and have been religated ever since. "Woody was King then until Bo knocked him off his throne. And Bo stayed up there for quite ahwile and Woody had a hard time accepting that.

I'll bet my last dollar if we could have beaten Miami by greater numbers than we did and kept Maurice Clarett clean for him to stay, don't you think for one minute we might have alot more respect than we get now? Another N/C would have been close to being in our grasp, had not all the dirty laundry appeared in Columbus beginning in may of 2003. My apologys for being so long winded here, but it just got my ire up and i had to vent what i felt. Thats the way i feel.
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Yeah you know I'm about fed up with the way they treat the supposive power houses of Oklahoma, LSU, USC, Notre Dame, Michigan,and FSU. I mean I honestly would rather be considered lower because I wouldn't want the bullseye on my back like they most likey do. If you look at the teams I've listed so far only 1 of them didn't play a close game or lost and thats FSU (haven't played yet). However more than likely each team will retain their respective rankings and life will move on. Where as last year our Buckeyes dropped 2 damn spots even tho we had what was it a 19 game winning streak? There are definate wholes in this system in college, and I'm afraid that if we don't go perfect we'll get dicked out of a National Championship. I think we should revert to a playoff system because of that. Also you know how College kids aren't suppose to recieve money right? Well then how come they only keep these bowl games around for money? That will lead to things like players getting paid in the future. I think it'd just be over all better if they just went to a playoff system. I mean cut the season down to like 10 games and have 4 games of playoffs (It'd equal our number of games our NC year anyways).

Also the players wouldn't have to worry about the power rankings and the dumb ass BCS rankings and so forth.
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Thats actuallly what inspired the blog I wrote... (the one mandel stole from me[i will exact my revenge]) its retarded. I am hoping with mike in arizona the sooners oh so overrated defense will crash and burn.

you have no idea how many people read internet blogs.....joe tiller admitted to it a couple of weeks ago....1460 always refers to it....and so and so....

i laughed last week when the espn studio show referred to South Carolina as a threat to surprise the SEC East this year....the other hosts hammered him for thinking that and asked where the opinion came from...and he all but admitted it came from an internet board....lo and behold my cocks blew out the vandys just like i said (and he said) would happen....

i am/was the only person outside of columbia that picked the GameCocks to be a top 12 team....
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Reputations are important in popularity contests like the AP poll. We can either piss and moan about it or we can go out an earn a great one for ourselves.

Clarett's behavior and the NY Times article tainted tOSU's rep after the NC year. It's stinks, but it's true.

I think JT is pursuing the best possible strategy to burnish the reputation of tOSU -- lead the AP Poll on January 5th! If we do that one or two more times, we'll get a high AP ranking every year for a decade or so ...whether we deserve it or not. I think JT is well on his way to accomplishing that.
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Oklahoma? Team motto: Play like a Big XII South Division Champ today.

I get tired of the over-hype too, but this way - when they lose (which they will) - it's a lot more funny.

Always ranked high, regardless of any reasoned analysis - historically:
Tenny (Not so much any more)
Nebby (Not so much any more)
Penn State (Not so much any more)

Look at 2002 Preseason v. end of the year. You'll see the frequent offenders ranked high in the pre and not around at the end.
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